Just say no… To cable!

October 29, 2008

We haven’t had “cable” for almost two years now.

And we don’t miss it at all.   The 45″ flat panel TV doesn’t get dusty from lack of use and we still enjoy the shows we want to watch.  With the additional discovery of Discovery this evening, we even have Science Class ala Homeschool…

How do we manage this feat of modern day miracles?   Well, we start with the basic level of broadband service.   Without the ability to process large amounts of data via a broadband/DSL connection we’d be pooched.   The Mr. put together a tower that will handle the downloads and video streaming we need and then we settle back into our comfy purple couch and watch the shows we want, when we want with limited commercial interruption.  Most of the time the video is decent, sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s icky.  We manage.

It’s just entertainment folks!  No body lives or dies by whether or not we can effectively count daisy petals in the garden.  For real.

All that to say this…  We save over $30 a month and still get to watch what we want WHEN we want.  For movies we pay 12.99 a month and get instant availability for other stuff through Netflix or set up the queue to get movies delivered to my door.

Seriously, cable is a thing of the past.

And no, I don’t even consider buying CD’s anymore either.  They are going the way of the dinosaur and the plaid polyester leisure suit too.

Now… If I could just convince the Mr. that we need a Wii…

  • Yep, I’m getting rid of cable this month. I can no longer justify the cost to myself, and as time has passed the shows have become more and more rubbishy.

  • We have no cable and a Wii.

    The only show I really miss from cable is the History Channel, but now, all I”m missing there is the the ‘history’ of alien abductions, ghost hunters, and other paranormal blooey.

    Not that I poo poo ghosts. I grew up in a haunted house and know that there is a supernatural world beyond ours, but if I can’t see a documentary on the Boer War, Doc Lippisch developing the ME-163, or something equally interesting and obscure, I’ll go do something.

    I’m not a captive audience and it sounds like I’m not the only one.

  • I’m not a captive audience.

    That’s the core of it for us. Who wants to either pay for the Moxi/TiVo service or come rushing home to see something? The upgraded tower cost +/- $250.00 for parts and will probably last us a year or two before being too slow to keep up with the video player technology. Then it will more than likely get downgraded to a much nicer school computer for the kids and may even do time as a server before we’re done with it.

    That’s $250.00 that won’t get wasted. As opposed to the $30.00 (or more) a month for 2 years ($720) we would have wasted on a lot of soft porn (regular TV) and other mental garbage.

    Not that I’m opposed to TV. I like to be entertained. I just don’t like to be forced to watch the commercials, the news and the previews that the networks INSIST I should be interested in.