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Knee Time

October 21, 2008

Hey folks, a friend of a friend needs prayer…

Go to Eaglewood’s place and do your thing.  Links won’t work this morning. WordPress hates me.


  • Is that URL valid?

  • heidi

    It was last night!!!! Fixed.

  • Thanks,
    Jimmie had an update on his brother. While at least they have some small understanding of what happened over the past few weeks. things still do not look good. To be honest I am not sure what to be praying for other than simply G_d’s will in this. Darryl’s life has been hard for the last 19 years because of that accident and having 2-3 strokes in the past 10 weeks is probably a sign that what is left of his brain is finally going. I know this is going to be hard for Jimmie once Darryl does go to be with the Lord, considering all Jimmie has done to protect his brother and fight for his rights because he is now physically and mentally handicapped.

    Jimmie and I really do appreciate all the prayers.