I asked pretty…

May 13, 2008

Two weeks ago, my husband emailed you privately and asked you to stay away from my blog and also to remove the link from your blog. You have respected neither request. You kept your head down for about a week and a half, but now your traffic is escalating. You are right back where you were before. You are less welcome now than you were then.

***********, we are asking in front of these blog friends who congregate here, please don’t come back and read, visit or lurk. You aren’t welcome here.

I’m left wondering what does a person do when you’ve asked someone to stay out of your life and they absolutely refuse to listen or respect your wishes and your boundaries?

If this doesn’t get our message across, we’ll start calling you by your psuedonym and your real name. We’ll send copies of all your traffic to your elder and director boards as well as forwarding this information to as many email addresses as we have so it can become apparent to all how you spend your time on the church computer.

You know, I thought the “busy pastor”, working 90 hours a week, answering 60 phone calls a day, had better things to do than hang out on an ex-congregants blog during the day and in the middle of the night. Since December 23rd, when I opened Pebblechaser here at WordPress, you’ve been here more than 820 times. That’s an average of about 6 times a day. Every day.

Funny, huh? I didn’t think I was that interesting.

OH, and ************? This request for your absence applies both to you and anyone at your address.

You aren’t welcome here.