L’hashana Tova

September 29, 2008

Happy New Year.

It’s the first day of the Jewish New Year and G-d has seen fit to let us have one more year.


It’s hard NOT comparing last year with this year and I’m struggling on several other levels too.  The month of Elul (the month prior to Rosh Hashanah) is traditionally known as a time of testing.   Boy howdy, that’s true in my life.  Or has shown itself to be true.

Here are some of the life lessons I’m learning this year:

* Life is short.  And dangerous. But when G-d’s not done?  He’s not done.  And if you are still living, He’s got a plan for you.  Even if you have to be still to accomplish it.

* Friendship is a two-way street.   And rarely involves being entertaining or entertained.   One person giving and one person taking is not friendship.  It’s a service industry.   Find the people who produce dividends in your life and hold onto them with all your heart and strength.  They are priceless.  There are very few people who deserve you going bankrupt (emotionally or otherwise) to be a part of their life.   Odds are those few people will be the ones you live with.  Recognize the relationships that are too “expensive” and budget for them.  They are either guilty pleasures or “treats” but shouldn’t be part of your daily life.

* Making all the right moves to restore a relationship will not insure the relationship is restored.  It will, however, keep you from walking in shame.  It won’t keep you from being sad that the other person values you so little.

* Being on the fringe of a church isn’t so bad.  Being clueless about the “Days of Their Lives” can be a blessing.  I should enjoy this as long as I can.

* I hate popcorn.  And carrot sticks.

* I like my dog.   He doesn’t care if my ducks are in a row, if the laundry is done or whether or not I shaved my armpits.   He doesn’t mind if I’m totally quiet as long as I occasionally pet his head.   I wish people were more like my dog.

*  I’ve given up being a great communicator.  I’ll settle for saying three words in a row that make sense.  That would be a good day.

*  I’m neither as smart nor as stupid as I think I am.

So, what have you learned lately?