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Light at the end of the tunnel

February 2, 2009

Carpal tunnel that is.

The Mr. says the wrist braces make me look like a window-licker but hey!  They work.  I’ve been on a typing hiatus for about 4 days.   To rest those poor tired carpals… Tunnels… Whatever.

My Doctor *wink* has put me a on a regimen of ibuprofen, wrist braces and 2-3x a day icing of the affected areas.   Weird bit of trivia.   I usually have really cold hands.  But when I ice my wrists?   My hands are toasty.

I’m sure it’s circulatory and easily explainable but I think it’s just weird.

I like it.

I have a bit of a dilemma.   There is a woman from That Place who has begun pursuing me via emails and now phone calls.   She’s a determined sort and while she is intimately involved with the two men responsible for one of the Most Devastating Experiences of My Life, I am fairly certain she is completely in the dark.  I like her.  I even miss her friendship.  But Sweet Sarah On A Sea-biscuit!!!!  She wants to be friends?

Did I mention she’s married to the Wizard….

Yeah.  I’ve received the offer from the Mr. to let him deal with it and a suggestion from a good and wise friend to let him.   I want to….  Is that being a coward?   Is my unwillingness to interact with her coming from a root of bitterness or just some hard-won caution?

Hm…  So much to consider.

So, how’s your week shaping up?

Women’s study tomorrow morning.    I like these girls.   They seem normal enough.  But then I probably do too!  HA!  If only they knew….  The ranch tomorrow night with the family and then on Friday off for a few days away as a family.   Love Priceline.  Seriously in love with Priceline.   $42 a night for a full kitchen suite at the Marriot.   Big plans.   Pink Panther 2….  Sleeping in.    Pizza and movies and junk food and…

This is what I do when life gets too big.


And not that smarmy christianese kind.  You know, when you spend $150 you don’t really have to spend a weekend sleeping next to, listening to and ripping your guts out with people you barely know only to return home to 3 days worth of dishes, laundry and dive right back into life on Monday.

No, this is my kind of retreat.  The people I don’t want to live without,  doing the things we all like while casually interjecting spiritual truths and light wherever we can.

Or just eating peanut M&M’s until my fillings fall out.

  • “I’ve received the offer from the Mr. to let him deal with it and a suggestion from a good and wise friend to let him. I want to…. Is that being a coward?”

    Absolutely not. In fact I would go so far as to say it is his responsibility. He is your covering and your protector. I find it very hard to believe (unless this woman is a true BLOND) that she is clueless. If she is in fact clueless it does not say much about the relationship she has with her husband. I just do not buy that a wife is clueless to her husbands activities unless she is willfully so. In that case she is not actually clueless she just does not want to know the details.

  • AJW308

    I once worked with a guy who used to split the driving with some other coworkers who lived on the other side of the mountain. He’d show up at work ashen and shaking. It would take him hours to calm down. Driving the tunnel never bothered him before, nor did riding in a full car so he went to see a shrink.

    The shrink explained to him that he had a classic case of Car-Pool Tunnel Syndrome.

    You think the pursuit of you is bad, the associate pastor that is trying to get us to jump churches has given up on me and is calling my wife on her cell. I ‘accidentally’ had her phone with me yesterday and took his call.

    The funny thing is I think he may actually believe he is serving God.

    Now you have me wondering if these are isolated cases or if we’re in a season of increased spiritual warfare?

  • AW

    I believe in reconciliation. I believe that we just might be neighbors on the same block for eternity – and in our new and perfect bodies – we will really love them . . . And we can start that relationship now . . . .

    However – Blond by box or birth – ignorant she is not. Forceful and domineering by herself or under the influence of the Wizard – she is.

    Her motives – I believe are pure and honest – and to be commended for her effort to share and direct what she thinks is right.

    Do you need to step back into the Wizards care?

    Uh. No Words for that.

  • In the wise and pithy words of Monty Python:

    “Run away, run away!”

    This applies both to the overtures of Mrs. Wizard (is this a backdoor attempt to get you back in their clutches?), and to the Wonderful Weekend Away. Enjoy!!

  • Heidi/Risa

    Oooh that reminds me – I gotta ask Lisa what’s up with the beach house this year!

  • If it was me, I would let my husband deal with it and just feel guilty anyway. I’m really good at feeling guilty about things. Sigh.

    Have a wonderful time on your weekend away!

  • Your good friend Jody is back. Either you have the same name as a supermodel, or she thinks that a supermodel was selling stuff to her mother on eBay 😉

  • Roci

    RE: jody…
    That is quite a hiatus. It was so long ago that I was entertained by my own comments all over again.

  • Re: Jody….

    No kidding, Roci. Bitter and deluded much?

    I too was entertained by my own comments all over again. Come let us relish the narcissity of that right there.

  • Btw, the Mr. is dealing with the aforementioned situation… Quite capably. Such a relief to me.

  • Roci

    For the record, I have NOT been stalking you…