Luke doesn’t like me and other random thoughts…

November 4, 2007

He’s 5 1/2 feet tall at the shoulder. I can’t even see over his back at the lowest point and his belly resembles a caricature of a horse. He’s spotted and Appaloosa and persnickety.

And he doesn’t like me.


He just doesn’t know me well yet and since he’s roughly the size of a small Clydesdale my heart palpitates a bit much when I ride him.

Nonetheless. We had a lovely ride this morning and the oldest boy, almost 10 was remarkable. Natural seat, light hands, relaxed legs and a calm, quiet demeanor. I see lots of horses in his future.

Then I hopped on my girl, Lucy, who is a quick, precocious Arab and we jumped. And jumped. And trotted in circles to collect ourselves and jumped some more. *Don’t tell the Mr. I wasn’t wearing my helmet, that’ll be our little secret!* 🙂

Daylight savings time only works in my favor in the fall which means when something is only good 50% of the time it’s time to revisit the entire concept.

The new job is going swimmingly. At least for me. I haven’t heard anything negative, so we’ll have to see. Lucy’s going to stay put where I have her for awhile. There’s negotiating to be done.

Busy. Busy. Busy. Congregation. School. Business. Marriage. Family. Work. And Jericho.

Yes, we have succumbed to the TV show that is Jericho. It’s chilling. My only complaint is that it truly seems more than a little vanilla. Which I suppose it would have to be. Love the character development and the scenarios.

I’m in re-evaluation mode right now which does wonders for the state of my office and closet but tends to make the rest of my life look like it’s in shambles.

Who knew doing the right thing could bring so many really harsh results?

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Mostly about failure and being disposable. This tends to wreak havoc on my psyche during the day. I hate it when I am in this slump. It’s cyclical and hits me about once every 3-5 months. With varying levels of success.

Heard about a cabbit today. Was comforting to know it’s an urban legend.

Well, I’m off to work, shower and head out for a “fellowship/leader” meeting/group/thing which will most likely suck my will to live.

Fortunately tomorrow night is date night so I’ll get to hang out with the only person on the planet who is interesting to me 95% of the time. No one else ever even gets that close.

Unless they are offering chocolate or cocktails.