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Making A Spectacle

September 8, 2008

Pebble 2 gets glasses today.

And he is so excited.  Me too.  It will be nice to have one other bat in the house.  (as in blind as a…)

Had a freaky dream the other day… Man walks up to a woman… “Ma’am, I’d like to shake your mams.  Please lift your shirt.”

Then I woke up.

Yeah, Freud that one.

Working on the next Part of The Story.  I have had a chance to tell a few people in the community about it and even one guy who used to attend there.  Such a conversation we had…  Who knows where this will go.  I’m not sure I can even guess.

Planning a coast trip the first weekend of October with both sets of grandparents and my sister and her family.  So excited.

Dad’s angiogram is tomorrow. Hopefully this will explain a few things.  They are doing so awesome!  Praise G-d.

Got the news about the prayer request.  We are standing down from change at the moment.   I’m relieved.

Got some other bad news today… Personal nature and such, won’t share.  But wow, do we ever need wisdom.  And provision.  And direction.

Next week the Mr. turns 43.   He’s sexier than ever and I am the luckiest girl on the planet.

I’ll be working a lot over the next couple of weeks, don’t expect much content.

Deep thought:

It’s not G-d’s discipline that bothers me, it’s when life keeps going on and it seems like He’s ignoring me.

Wheat intolerance has escalated to gluten intolerance, soy intolerance and the jury is still out on dairy.

I think I’m well on my way to becoming an angry hippy… Which is not to be confused with a hungry hippo although there are days when I resemble the latter far more than the former.

Well, gotta run.   Hay has meandered it’s way into various and sundry parts which are requiring an immediate cleansing and then I think there is a pair of streeetttccchy pants in my future.   Pedicure?   Maybe.

OH!  Watching “Bleak House” the BBC version.  Must see.  So layered and textured and brilliantly cast.  Stunning visuals and heartbreaking social commentary.   Fabulous. Dickens splendidly written for the screen.   Wow.  Lady Dedlock as played by Gillian Anderson is exquisite.

Am I gushing?  Rent it.  3 discs, 12+ episodes.  Wow.   If you liked the BBC “Pride and Prejudice” you’ll love this.

  • Hey, I’m 43 too!
    And sexier than ever too!
    Wow, what are the odds..?

    Looking forward to the next part of the story.

  • heidi

    Hee hee…

    Looking forward… Interesting take.

    Do you chase ambulances too? 😉

  • You can’t do wheat either eh? Its a horrendous dietary restriction! People always tell me “Oh, its just like the (f)Atkins diet” but it isn’t, and people on fatkins can always get off of it whenever they want. I miss pancakes and cinnamon rolls and pizza darnit! But I do feel tremendously better!

  • annie1958

    Please go check

    She has been dealing with gluten and dairy issues for so long now, she is the BOMB!

    More recipes than you can shake a breadstick at and more importantly, lots of humor to help.