Many Thoughts/Little Time

April 25, 2011

Blogging is somewhat akin to talking to oneself most of the time, I think.   I want to convince myself that I truly  “do not care” if there is anyone there reading and considering what I write.  It’s perhaps pathetic but true that I do find myself wondering if whatever random orchestration of nouns and verbs I’ve concocted has any resonance among the few who wander by here.

Many times I find myself writing to solidify a thought that has been cogitating or an emotion restlessly writhing under the surface.  It is in that type of writing where I write, or more accurately literately vomit, and then go on with hardly a look behind to see what mayhem I have left in my wake.

I would write more about politics but I am overwhelmed by the speed at which things are changing, the stark similarities to some of the sins of the past.  I am not only a Jew but a fundamentalist, homeschooling, self-employed, conservative follower of Jesus…   If my country continues to change at the current rate?

There may be a bunk somewhere with my name on it.   And a free shower.

Does that sound alarmist?  Reactionary?  Paranoid?

It is the fear of the masses and the compliant bleating of the well-intentioned but uninformed who rationalized an insane man with a small mustache not all that long ago.   And it is those who defend and attempt to resurrect the insanity of the 20th century with it’s abysmal track record who will create an oppression that, in the end, will destroy all they believed they were protecting.

Expatriation is not a foreign discussion in our home.  Neither is attempting to find a location that might be more self-sufficient.

I would talk more about the religious establishment but it is difficult to be gracious in light of the aforementioned situations and the frustration I experience when I see the focus on church growth as shown by nightclub church, mindless drones following the man up front without the slightest inclination to accept and own their own faith.

Jesus is returning for a remnant.

I would write more about my kids, our home, life… Maybe homeschooling… Dood.  I seriously break out in hives at the thought of being a mommy blogger.

So what should I blog about?

Does it matter?

  • Giraffe

    It’s perhaps pathetic but true that I do find myself wondering if whatever random orchestration of nouns and verbs I’ve concocted has any resonance among the few who wander by here.

    The fact that we continue to come here means that there is some resonance with what you say.

  • Joelle

    I read all your posts, even if I seldom comment. Often I am mulling over what you wrote, but not sure how to articulate my thoughts, or just not sure my thoughts would be productive. lol If you feel you have to go a certain direction with your blogging, that is your choice, but I like your blog as it is, with you writing about whatever you feel like writing about. 🙂

  • Oh I have no intentions of defining myself into a cubby hole. There is no real purpose for this blog other than me allowing myself a place to voice much of the concepts in my head… That sounds like I hear voices.

    🙂 I am thankful for those who interact with me here. It’s what keeps me coming back for more.

  • Keep coming with all your thoughts. Stream of consciousness, whatever.
    At least I tend to enjoy what you post.

  • And I read all of your posts too. Just don’t comment too often on any blogs.

    I have now nearly matched the most comments on any blog in the last week (Vox) with the two here.

  • Professor Hale

    I just come here to ogle.

  • So, PH, you are saying I have, uh, nice words?

  • Doom

    Ha! I just went through similar conniptions regarding readership and such. You aren’t alone there. I think men often come across as too bitter or something. I have it on good authority, for example, that Clemens was only ever published after his wife edited much of his poison pen down to a publicly consumable product. All these thoughts, nice to know women are just as unsure. :p

    And I recently wrote a piece about my fear for the devoted, knowing those of Jewish ancestry are the canary in the coal mine. I worry about them, and Christians. I know what the mustached men did or wanted to do. Stalin was no exception, only Western bribes allowed for freedom to leave for many. Christians are just as hated as Jews, there are simply more of them to have to negotiate around. Russia’s “revolution” murdered every single Catholic in Russia in less than two weeks and without documentation. We weren’t seen as worth the bother of paperwork and were as well a ‘small enough’ minority to purge.

    I know Christians are next. Our numbers dwindle, our friends are few, and I do worry. While becoming a martyr would be a thing of no small issue, I would rather it not reach that point until it is time, since I do not know the time I will reject it at any time. I watch, I learn, I store for dark times as I may, but I am limited. In the end, I simply pray.

    Oh, about reading and understanding… As a guy type, and a bit of a… rougher sort in ways… I only understand some. I see reading here as an opportunity to see a good woman think. If you make mistakes, your compass seems clearly aligned to wisdom. Sometimes I have zero clue, sometimes I get it, though I think that is all good in it’s own way. I don’t think I want to fully understand women, I don’t think I can in any case. I doubt if that helps, but…

  • Joelle

    “If you make mistakes, your compass seems clearly aligned to wisdom.”


  • I’m pretty sure that I will read and enjoy your blog as long as you’re still writing. 🙂 You’re one of my favorites and have been for some time.

  • wendy

    Always reading.

  • Spacebunny

    I don’t comment often, but I love coming here to read. I don’t care what you write about 😉

  • Heidi. You are awesome. You have to write, you know. Or you’ll die. I’m pretty sure. 😉

  • Giraffe

    Ya know, if you want a lot comments, you could write another game post.

  • HILARIOUS!!! I saw this AFTER I posted “Reasons to Justify Game”.