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February 20, 2011

I have spent the better part of the last five days moaning and sniffling and hating the evil gremlins who have been pounding at my head.

When I have felt well enough to talk it sounds a lot like,  “I’m dob. Cab ah go hobe now?”

The flu is a wicked, wicked thing.

And, frankly, I’m just done with it.  Thankyouverymuch.

My husband, bless his sweet heart, has had all manner of Glenn Beck and Coast to Coast streaming while he does his work and I haven’t had the strength to even complain.   It’s been chalkboards and caliphate, UFO’s and new world orders.  All weekend.

While I moan on the couch.   And try not to be too pathetic.

I don’t have time for this sickness.  I really don’t.  And I know what put me over the edge.   It was that German Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake from Shari’s the other night.  Damnit.

Sugar is poison.  In case you were wondering.

But I’m thankful.   Life is speeding up again for me and I got to snuggle with my Mr. and my boys for 3 days while the wind blew and the snow piled up under the eaves.   More than a foot in the last 24 hours.

My toasty pellet stove has steadily warmed the front room while we have watched season 8 of  “X-Files” and all rejoiced at that one kiss at the end of the latest episode while pondering if Deputy Director Kirsch is an alien replicant or not…  Cue organ music.

I’ve played epic (2010 called,they want their word back but I’m lost in nostalgia and said no) amounts of Angry Birds (thank you iPad for sucking my brain power).

It’s such a life I lead.  Such a life.

We are getting a puppy in the not too distant future.   Scrappy.  Daughter of our Scooby.   She’s a little mini me of him.   Sooo excited…  Ish.   I mean, it is a puppy and while I love my Scooby there’s just no guarantee that I will enjoy his progeny as much.   Three cheers for crate training.

I’m gearing up to talk about Classical Education in March because I’m the expert… *crickets*

I know, huh?

I’ve been  researching and writing and thinking and learning and, and,and…

My husband still glazes over when I use terms like Trivium or try to explain the reasoning behind reflective thought being enforced while opportunities to develop and depend on reactive thought are discouraged in the immature brain of the elementary student.

I think I just glazed over myself!

Well,  that’s how I’ve been.  How the heck are you?




  • Doom

    Sugar is not that bad for you! Women and your neurosis. I remember, as a child, seeing an old woman (I mean old, 80 or better, but still healthy) dodging from parked cars (and pretty much everything to include her shadow, really). I realize now that, she was not imperfect, she had merely perfected her feminine traits. Don’t eat it, fine. But don’t freak your boys out. In moderation everything is good. God did, more or less, make it all. We might have engineered some of it, but…

    Anyway. I am feeling pretty rough in different ways but probably for similar reasons. Get well soon, if you aren’t already. Still not sure if you are or are not better. But that junk can sneak back up on you. (So… Hide the Sugar! (and from your shadow… women!)) 🙂