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October 27, 2008

It is a good day today. A day where my life was simple and laughter and love abounded. I know there are many who do not share the joy I experience on a regular basis. I have so many things to be thankful for and so much of it beyond my capability to express my thankfulness for.

I am gainfully unemployed, as far as the whole “collect a paycheck” thing goes and I honestly couldn’t be happier. And I have no intentions of wandering back that direction again. I had just enough time in my day for the things that I wanted to do, plenty to do tomorrow and I’ve just discovered the TV show “Crusoe”.

Interesting. An awful lot of flashbacks and bad teeth to contrast with an affirmative action “savage” Rambo with plenty of knives and Mr. Perfect Teeth aka nice abs Crusoe all set in the Pit of Despair, a tropical island. Oh, and did I mention that Mr. Crusoe could make a submarine out of a paper clip and a coconut? Makes MacGyver look like a preschooler.

Like I said. Interesting.


Other news… my oldest has discovered the scientific reason for why dogs sniff butts and my younger son giggles every time he reads “but” and hesitates when he says “as”. I keep saying “A..Z…” not ASS, but in time…

Speaking of Pebble 2. I think he may be dyslexic and I need to have him tested for that and some other stuff. Praying for wisdom. That was a major reason why I quit my job. I wanted to make sure I have the focused and dedicated time to evaluate and dedicate to his education. One of his most critical struggles is that he lacks confidence. He tends to lapse into younger behavior, which while it is extremely endearing to his mother, is impeding his growth and development.

Memo to self: Avoid onions for lunch if you plan to spend a great deal of time up close and personal helping your child sound out long words… This will make them gag and mock you. And will inhibit said phonics being learned while you laugh and hold them down to tickle them and breathe onions in their sweet little faces.

Hey, I’m just the grown up here, I’m not required to be mature too!

  • laurel baird

    hey our boy Noah who is 8.5 was tested for dyslexia 2 years ago, though he did not have it in the true sense he has had a real hard time with the whole reading and writing stuff, math is cool and thunking out side the box,his expertise! Making stuff building lego things and compression of others reading to him have been off the charts but READING and spelling !!! hard yacker…. i know first hard how hard this is if u need any encouragement just drop me a line i understand, he has had a tutorer every tuesday for 2 yrs. now, she works in something called brain gym, using the whole body to learn reading etc. he is getting better and has a natural confidence that is so very helpful! god is ur helper, u are good to get on top of this sooner the better we have found! Ur sister, laurel

  • Third child, Logan, now 17 in grade 12 was tested for several things waaaaaaay back when. Nothing ever showed up. He does create random words together and think it makes sense to everyone else.
    God help you find anything that might be fixable, aiding in his learning 🙂

    The onion thing reminded me of eating yesterday. Garlic potatos, YUM! Too bad the ladies in my fitness class, as I hollered at them, didn’t feel the same about my STRONG breath. LOL

    Hey, and about your not bring home a pay cheque thing. I was talking to my husband about that just this weekend. It’s nice to have a few things to do that are just yours, a job(s).
    But I am also really enjoying being home more and around so much more than when I was raising four children on my own and working full time jobS to support them.
    I liked having “my” money. However, I equally like having the dishes done, house swept, bathroom clean, laundry folded, etc… And reading again has been almost orgasmic!

    Be strong and have fun!

  • Maturity can be over-rated. 😉

  • heidi

    Laurel, it’s so good to hear your encouraging voice again! It’s been soo long! I’d love to talk with you about it all. At some point.

    WW, you are amazing and I hear you about having the time to do the basic things again. It’s been awhile.

    Birdie. My dad has always said: “I may have to grow up but I can be immature all my life.” On so many levels I can completely agree! 🙂

  • Shula

    I found that some children are not ready to read as soon as others. It does have to do with brain development. I would get so frustrated trying to teach them when they were still turning their letters and words backwards. I found that if I waited until they were past that, learning to read went quickly and relatively painlessly. They were ready. Some children might be closer to 10, especially boys. I had a son who wasn’t ready until almost 9. He reads very well now. There are lots of things that can be learned by hands on activity until the time they are ready to read. Just try it every so often and see if it is the time. Don’t stress about it and explain to your son that some people just are not ready as soon as others.

    One encouraging thing, not the same, but shows that someone can learn that is brain-damaged. A friend had a son who was brain-damaged at birth. He did not learn to read until in his 20’s but he did learn to read. Who are we to say when someone is ready to learn something? Or that they cannot learn something? Or that something is wrong with them if they do not learn on the same prescribed schedule that the culture says needs to happen? I would step back and work on other things for a while and let your son de-stress about it. He looks very bright and capable and some hands on activities would probably be just what he needs right now.

  • BoysMom

    Has he had his vision tested lately? One of the moms in our local group thought her child was possibly dyslexic, but it turned out the child had some vision problems easily resolved with glasses, and the child’s reading just fine now. The letter flash cards aparently had much bigger print than the word cards did that they were working with and the child couldn’t see the words well enough.

  • heidi

    Boys Mom, yes he did. AND he ended up with glasses. 🙂 He’s actually improving by leaps and bounds. I think I should take Shula’s advice and chill out!