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My Family

January 4, 2009

In warmer days!

How cool are we? Did I mention there are 7 kids? The girl in the big white dress was our newest sister, Leah. She married my lil bro, Matt.  He’s the guy right behind her doing the *accidental* boob graze.

*le sigh*


  • Nice!! Did you like growing up in a big family? Where do you fall,. birth-order wise?

    You can email me the answers if posting them would make you toe the ‘mommy blogger’ line too much. 😉

  • Did I like it… I have nothing to compare it with. It is family, we love, laugh, argue…. I think I like it better as an adult than I did as a child. Birth order? It depends. Do you count the babies who died or not? If you do I am #7. IF you don’t, #6. Baby girl and all that.

  • momma dragon

    we do clean up pretty good, huh?
    hey don’t you have the original?
    I used to have dial up and I had to make it smaller to send.
    love ya…..