News from Zengzhou

September 28, 2007

My parents are off gallivanting around the world again… Just so you know, this is what it really looks like when you take leaps of faith and step out of your comfort zone. You are never alone. Never abandoned and never without hope.

At least that’s the example I have to look up to. So, without further ado. The letter from Hunan Province, China.

Dear ones,

This is my second try. hope I can send it this time. I really had a report and I felt it was good, huh.

Thanks for your emails. Julie, Heidi and Roxi. We feel close when we get them.

Sept 26, we left Salem at 4:30am.. Dad was unable to sleep after 3:00am so he was up and awake. I was trying to wake up. We arrived at PDX at 5:45am. At this time morning we had very little traffic….Checked our luggage and found that one was over weight about 6lbs. So Dad paid it and off it went. Books really weigh heavy. huh……..

We walked to gate E-3, flew out at 7:30am. I sat beside Shawna. A christian. She was home spending time with her mother who had breast surgery. Things went fine and they felt blessed how things went and felt God was blessed and others were blessed PTL. She was returning to VietNam to join her family. She said they have a house that they are renting while they are away. Her husband works for Entel. She takes Bible literture and is involved in womens and childrens ministries. About 100 women and 60 children. Their sons are 10 1/2 and 7. They have lived in Shanghi, Siagon and VeitNam. The boys are sharing Jesus love too and reminded that God has a purpose for their lives and they are in
training. It was a joy to share with her how Jesus had directed us and how we have been in other parts of the world sharing the Love of Jesus and making a difference in the lives of others. She was reading the book Facing your Giants, by Max La Carduo, and so at San Fran we parted with a big hug and a promise to pray for others,

The 12 hours flight to Beijing went well and we arrived China time at 3:30pm. Thursday Sept 27. David Dong met us and took us to the JingLin hotel. It was good to lay down.
By 7:30 pm we went ot bed and we were glad.

Sept 28 we got packed and ready for breakfast and left the hotel at 9:00am. It was good to see one of the young men who worked at this hotel before. He knew us. we walked around and checked things for the flight to ZZ. We went to the China Air and they told us to come back at 11.00 am. So later on we checked for our passports and was unable to find them. Then we began to ask God for help for our recall. We called David Dong, we called the hotel, checked our suitcases again. Prayed in the spirit, seeking God’s help and then David said go back to China air and ask for a refund on our tickets. We decided that God did not want us in china at this time and we were willing to go back home. The time was 11:00am and we had moments of concern for
an hour. When Dad went back to ask for a refund the girl said she had our passports. He came back to me and said lets go. We had a few minutes left to board the plane at 12.00Pm. We rode the shuttle to the plane, about 1:00pm we flew to ZZ, arriving at 2:15pm. The Chinese teacher, Penny, met us with her driver from the school. She said it will take us 1 hour to get to the school. There was a terrible traffic jam in ZZ and the driver did a good job, I was very stressful and was praying for him. The ZZ airport is very nice and has improved in many ways. Roxi yoiu would be impressed too. Dad got a cart for our luggage and got the carry on loaded and then he took off to check for the others. As I was pushing along, the cart got top heavy and down it went and down I went. Soon two chinese men came to help. Dad had no idea what happened. So i told him he really missed the show that just happened to me. So I told him and then he felt bad. We got our things and walked out and met Penny, the chinese teacher and her driver.

We arrived here at the aapartment. Met Jeff the Chinese school staff member. The teacher from England. The computor man, and looked over the apartment. Dad reminded me we are on our honeymoon. We have had to make a list of things to buy to get settled. We called Jane and Michael and they were real happy to know where we were and glad to be nearby. We have to buy a pho. card to use the phone here in our place, We also had to buy a meal ticket to eat at the cafeteria. We are going shopping this morning to get some things. We are looking for a second hand store or ask about some things on campus. The students ages are from 12—-18. I am thinking that Jeff is planning for me to be teaching too. I thought Dad said I would be part time. We will see. Today we will get a ph number. Our nieghbor is a single young man from England named Tom. We are the only ones living here at this time. There is room for others when they come. Yesterday Dad began to prune the hedges that overgrown the balcony. It does look better now. This morning Dad was checking on something and broke the toilet seat cover. WOW……………..

This weekend is outdoor sports contests. ALso getting ready for the Octoberfest celebration. So we have a few days that will help us to get more settled. Dad is out watching some of the activities and I am trying to send another email. I do need to get dressed before 10:00 am. My right foot is a little tender. Yesterday when we were moving furniture a peice fell on top of my foot near my toes. I can still walk. Smile.

The word for today is Rom 14:8 Living or dying we follow the Lord. Either way way we are HIS. We wont let satan have our children, business or keep us on a short leash or give him an inch.

Our love and prayers are with you. Keep the emails coming.

We are so glad we are your mom & Dad

She’s a 74 stay-at-home mom/pastor’s wife/missionary/evangelist/Sunday School teacher/grandma/great-grandma and physically disabled. He’s 69, retired ironworker/ pastor/ evangelist/ missionary/ teacher/ dad/grandpa/ great-grandpa.

What’s your excuse? I know mine seem paltry and ridiculous.