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April 14, 2011

It’s that time of year again.

When cupboards are thrown wide open, closets are emptied and thoughtfully put back together.   When the excess we have gathered in dusty corners and under the bed is put into bags or boxes and shuffled out of the house.

It’s that time when pine needles are raked into piles, flower beds are stripped of their winter coats and the dark soil just waits for the first days of weak spring sun to coax fragile green shoots from warming winter ground.

And as I methodically work from one end of my home to the next I am reminded of a few things:

* I lack no good thing.   I would benefit from having less and understanding true need more.  Being hungry isn’t a bad thing.  Never experiencing hunger can be.

* It’s not the center of the room that reflects whether I am careful and diligent but the corners.   It’s not the “presentable” times which I should be most concerned about but the quiet, private moments when the thoughts and feelings of my life are free to run amok.

* Crumbs get everywhere.  In my house? So do dimes and nickels, for some reason.   What are the unintentional consequences of careless stray words and thoughtless actions.   I have no idea where those words and actions might end up.  Or who or what they might influence.

* It’s easier to despise the mess than to do the work of correcting it.  One action breeds bitterness and one builds character and reinforces gratitude.   Guess which one I pick most often.

It’s that time of year again.   When I clean and prepare for Passover, when I evaluate my life and realize anew how desperately I need that Divine Touch to deliver me from my own weakness and failings.   It’s that time of year when I am challenged to consider the smallest details and the furthest reaching choice and then to lay them down at the feet of One who gives me what I need most.

Grace.  Forgiveness.  Hope.


  • Thanks for this Heidi. I’ve got some nooks & crannies to work on myself and you’ve spurred me on.

  • Joelle

    Excellent post, Heidi. I’ve noticed the Father bringing the contents of my nooks and crannies to light these past couple weeks. Not always a pleasant process, though the results are worth it. 🙂

  • Doom

    Thanks for the reminder. Knowing these things, somehow, somewhere, doesn’t quite get it. Seeing it artfully expressed is a whole ten magnitudes higher in the “getting it” phase of things. Plus, I needed a word or three to the wise to help getting to my own home tended. Gah! Guilty. But a broom, mop, dust cloth, and wash cloth will resolve some of that. The rest of it will take patience, resolve, and divine intervention. 🙂