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Not dead yet…

April 13, 2009

Momentarily resurfacing…. Thoughts on religious groups stockpiling weapons? Illegal? Recipe for disaster? Highly concerning? Ok with it?

Brought to you by World Net Daily’s cover article this morning and an eery conversation earlier this afternoon…. “Right Wing Extremists” v. Homeland Security.

Coming soon to a gulag near you!

  • momma dragon

    wow, they mentioned Missouri in there
    great – just what I want to hear.
    crazy people in the neighborhood thinking all my guns are for terror attacks. sigh….
    actually may be some truth to this
    I know someone, who makes his own ammo, and he says due to pending legislation some are buying up weapons before it is illegal to do so and he is having difficulty finding supplies.

  • They were pointing conspicuously at me in that memo. With that broad brush they painted with, they covered a significant percentage of the law-abiding right-of-center people in this nation.

    1) I have an eschatological outlook–I write often about how current events may fit into end-time prophecies. This includes concerns about the “one world government/new world order” that appears to be necessary for certain end-time prophecies to be fulfilled.
    2) I have been concerned enough about the direction of the economy and the world in general that I have been talking and writing about preparedness, the need to have at least a few months of food and other necessities on hand.
    3) Toward the end of greater self-sufficiency and security, I bought a place in the country and am getting a garden started. I plan to relocate there if life gets too hairy in the city.
    4) I have in the past participated heavily in several local tactical shooting sports venues (IDPA, ACTS, etc.), all of which could easily be construed as “paramilitary training”.
    5) I am indeed quite concerned about potential infringements on our Second Amendment rights by the current Congress and White House. In addition I have been watching closely any news that pertains to the rumored FEMA detention camps.
    6) There are a whole host of Presidential agenda items that I find myself strongly opposed to, including bailouts, greater government regulation of the private sector, reversing welfare reform, etc, etc.

    So-o, am I a “right-wing extremist”? This document would seem to paint me as one. Am I? Only if probably a third or more of the electorate is likewise.

    It is most dismaying. It smacks of political harassment, and if it is their intent to deal effectively with what they call “paranoia”, issuing documents of this nature is exactly the wrong thing to do.

  • Giraffe

    I think there is a tendency to fear what you don’t understand. Especially if you are a bed wetting liberal.

  • Roci

    I don’t have a problem with it. I see no difference in this than having a starbucks in the lobby and stocking up on decaf. Most churches are accountable to their members for their choices on spending and choices of which office supplies are neccessary or excessive. If the members think it is a good us of THIER money, I have no basis to gainsay them.

    I also happen to believe that the modern church is pretty much nothing more than a social club anyway. I do hope they have a plan for arms training and sermons on responsible use.

  • Yes, a Social Club is a great way to put it. I asked the question a question on Facebook about Traditions of man and you can’t believe the responses. I think the traditions of man and our own beliefs get in the way of our relationship with God. So what happens when all of that, every single bit of it, gets challenged?

    That’s what’s happening in the real church of God. The Club will never go there.