Obama the Builder

November 4, 2008

So, I listened to the acceptance speech to the Academy… I mean the voters.  I saw Jesse Jackson weeping, although I can’t be certain he was crying tears of joy.   And then as our president-elect repeated “Yes, we can!”  all I could hear was Bob the Builder!

“Can we do it?  Yes, we can!”

Great.  Our new president’s slogan is taken from a cheesy claymation PBS cartoon for kindergarten age children?  That’s the best he’s got?

I’m afraid our country deserves him.

And that’s the scariest thought I’ve had in awhile.

But in other news,  Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are insured jobs for the next four years.  Unless of course the Fairness Doctrine is re-enacted or they suddenly commit suicide by shooting themselves twice in the head.

So, wonder what Barack the Builder is gonna do about illegal immigration…  After his aunt “disappears”  I suppose he’ll just want to annex Canada and Mexico.   All the hockey and pinto beans we could ever want and SNL won’t have anything to spoof.

I don’t say that like it’s a bad thing, really.

The thought did occur to me that President-Elect Obama doesn’t have a fair shot.   He’s a man who didn’t earn this election on his own merit.  He’s the affirmative action figurehead who with very little said and a lot left to the imagination will only do one thing absolutely.  He will continue to disappoint.

The unrealistic expectations heaped upon his head are too great for any one person to carry.   And he doesn’t show the testicular fortitude required to meet even half of the dreams placed about his run for the Oval Office.

But can he dish it out?

Yes.  Yes, he can!

  • I’m betting that he will surprise you Heidi. Our Father’s plan is in action and Mr Obama is his tool for now. Hold on to your hats I think – as His plan rolls on quicker and quicker.

  • heidi

    Oh I fully expect to be surprised. And I know that the Lord puts leaders in place for His purposes. That doesn’t mean I have to enjoy the man or think he’s anything more than a tool. The future predicted in the Word for our world is not for bread and circuses but tribulation, disaster and pain regardless of what the HOPE/CHANGE revolutionaries would have us believe.

  • He’a lot like Bob then?

  • WW, only if you BELIEVE!!!