Of Corset!

January 14, 2011

So, our local homeschool community puts on a Civil War ball every year.   Period attire preferred….   I have 90% of my “outfit” together, long dress, velvet cutaway bolero jacket, antique sachet brooch, etc….

I have the boots, the petticoat and a fairly obnoxious handbag (too much brocade can be hazardous, I tell you!).   But I need a few things.

Since the husband decided that instead of going Authentic?  We are going to tweak it up a bit and go…

Steam punk.

Which will require a very small top hat with a long, funky feather,  red lipstick and lace, fingerless gloves for me.  Oh… And possibly a brocade corset…  Awe.Freaking.Some.

For him?   Brocade waistcoat, khaki pants,  clunky boots and goggles.
The boys?  Pebble 1 will most likely somewhat emulate his father.  He does that anyway.

Pebble 2 will be wearing a Confederate style, mandarin collar jacket.  I would like to find him many-zippered skinny jeans and clunky boots.

They may not invite us back.  But. DANG won’t we look good! 🙂

  • Haha! Awesome! I’d actually be much more likely to attend a steam punk ball than a Civil War ball, myself.

  • Res Ipsa

    So when do we get a pic?

  • The the very fact that I had to do a Google Image Search on Steampunk – I feel so lame . . .
    You confederate Rebels. . . .

  • Spacebunny

    There better be pictures, it sounds awesome! There is a couple near us that regularly puts on this type of dances – they are a former homeschooling family and some day we WILL get to one!