Family Business

Oh Happy Day

September 17, 2009

My Mr. turns 44 tomorrow.   There’s a bit more silver at the temples, a few more creases around the eyes but overall?

Does he ever get better with age!!! 🙂

Fabulous.   I’m making Kaju Gosht (lamb & cashew stew),  lentil chickpea dal, vegetable curry,  cumin basmati rice, mountains of naan and a four layer chocolate espresso cake with almond mocha buttercream frosting…

Death by food.

It’s how I say “I love you”.


It’s amazing how yummy-licious my house smells….   So hungry!!!

  • momma dragon

    wow, you’ve been writing alot lately.
    I had to really ‘catch up’.

    loved seeing you again
    ache, because it was so fleeting.
    I miss being close
    when we were all in the same room
    I just wanted to soak it in – family
    sister-friends, brothers who’ve become men of wisdom and counsel.
    such is on earth
    til we meet again……”)

  • girl. i’m amazed… you cooker, you 🙂

  • Cake…check. Chick pea dal…check. Lamb/cashew stew…check. Mountains of naan…in process.

    Veggie curry tomorrow.

    I’m glad he likes to eat. 🙂


    It was far too short. Can we plan the next one for a 3 day period of limited planned time and a bunch of relaxing time?

    I’m just sayin’. Took me a week to recuperate!

  • momma dragon

    the good news is
    golden anniversary only comes once in a life time……..”)
    I am all for less planning,
    more one on one time,
    not sure it can happen in this family
    when we all get together
    too many inspired people with great ideas
    – mostly leaders……….”)

  • I hope your Mr. had the happiest of birthdays!