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June 30, 2008

Hello friends and family,

I have a prayer request.

This afternoon my parents, Bill & Eva, were in a car accident while en route to a family reunion. Praise the Lord there was a very nice couple behind them who immediately stopped, assisted them and called 911. At the moment, all we know is that my Dad passed out at the wheel and their minivan went down a pretty steep embankment (airborne for 50 yards). My Dad doesn’t remember anything until he was taken out of the van. My Mom tried to reach the ignition to turn the car off (not entirely sure how that works, but couldn’t reach it due to the seatbelt). They are pretty shaken up and were taken to a small local hospital for tests and scans, etc.

As of now they have compression of their spines and my Dad has a compression fracture. The doctors are extremely concerned about Dad passing out and don’t know if it’s cardio or neurological at this time. He’s going to have more tests and my Mom is going in for additional CT scans. Depending on what they find, he/they may be transferred to Boise.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, peace and strength for them and for the 7 of us kids. We are praising the Lord that my brother Michael “just happened” to be at a baseball game less than 80 miles away and so he is able to be with them.

Thank you for your prayers.



They moved my parents to Boise this morning around 4:30 and we were prepared for surgery on a broken back. When they got to Boise, apparently her back wasn’t broken but only severely bruised and she is suffering from “compression of the spine”. She has been prescribed a brace for 6-8 weeks and will be given physical therapy. My Dad had a mini-stroke while driving and is ok once he’s been awake for a while but every time he goes to sleep he wakes up disoriented, confused and asking all the same questions over and over again. Apparently this is not uncommon after this type of trauma to the body but we want to get them home to Salem asap so she can start healing and he can get a full battery of neurological testing. I am hoping for some early onset Alzheimer’s testing as well given some of his erratic behavior in the recent past. Hoping and praying, if you know what I mean.

Their van… Some cosmetic damage, needs a new wheel and tire but otherwise looks fine. Won’t know about frame damage until they drive it… After being launched 150 feet off an embankment. That’s 1/2 a football field, folks.

We are heading over to Boise tomorrow morning and my sister will also arrive there around the same time. The current thought/plan I am hoping for is that they will fly home from Boise and my family and I will drive the van back if it is drivable. Either way, we’ll come back through here on Thursday or Friday and then head over the mountains for the weekend to help with their care.

Oh… and my dog has a respiratory infection… Like I didn’t have enough to deal with! Thank you for your prayers, they are felt! The real test is going to be in the next few weeks once Dad realizes he can’t drive. At. All. and Mom realizes that 1/2 an Advil just isn’t enough pain meds for a compressed spine…


  • Morris


  • Big Cat

    Prayers on the way.

  • Praying as well, for them and for you.

  • Praying.

  • rhombus

    Your parents are in my prayers.

  • Thank you everyone! 🙂

  • I’ll put in my $.02.

  • Done!

  • prayers coming from georgia! (hugs)

  • momma dragon

    what sweet friends you have. Praise God for all his blessings on our family.

    Joel has been especially blessed by your updates and keeping in touch with him today.

    Mom says she is being very well cared for and they have had visits from several close friends in the area.

    God is good……love you…

  • Birdie and I will be praying.

  • Sorry to hear all that, Heidi. I hope everyone recovers soon.