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May 23, 2008

As some of you know, my parents have, for the last 9 years, taught English in China. As you can imagine, during the earthquake and all the hullabaloo surrounding it I’ve been quite anxious for them to return home. I’ve been concerned about their safety.

We received this from them this morning. It is from a Chinese brother in the earthquake area.

I don’t think I should worry any longer for them to be kept safe. Apparently, that’s what G-d does for His people.

Yeah. Oh me of little faith.

Dear bro and sis:

i guess all of you know the earthquake happened in China,here are some testimonies and pr…er request:

two testimony:

big one:

在网上一个弟兄的博客里的一些地震中的见证:愚拙 说:

there is a city called Deyang,which is in the earthquake area, there are only few ch..es at there, only more than 1,000 bro and sis,including the suburb and villiage, all the believers,no matter they accepted J for a long time or just one day, for those who have the mark of Je are all safe,a sister said,she now understand completely what is “paschal lamb” , those who had been covered by the blood of Je were alive,all the Christians in that area has been awaken from their different weakeness, fullfilled with peace,joy and love, began to serve the L and spread the good news!as they said, G allowed them to alive,because there are lots of work G want them to do to glorify Him.

another small one:
19:38:40 tao 19:38:40

one of the aunt’s daughter in our house ch were studying for her master degree, by the time earthquake happened, she was leading a foreign team to Wolong(which is in Sichuan province),’by no reason’, her watch was not running, all of them got up about an hour late, otherwise, they would be in the center of the earthquake area.by G’s protection, helicopter that was sent by Chinese government sent found them and sent them home, they were only planning to take foreigners out of there, but she was a interpreter,so they took her as well, they were the first Chinese persons who got out of the earthquake are.

Pr..er request:

pr for the servants there and servants come from other province a good unity, so that they can have big wisdom from Him to implement the after quake reconstruction
pr for more servant to be commited to go to the disaster areas for long term serve, and no doubt there will be a new city that is full of Father’s people around and with delight in His eyes
pr for a long lasting donations and money supporting for the wonderful actions above,for the schools, orphanage, olders, homeless, and so on

All else i could say is Praise Him for who He is!