Prayer Requests

Prayer Request

September 4, 2009

Pat hasn’t been doing well for a long time.  Too much alcohol + a volatile temper – self-control = a recipe for disaster.

A week ago his wife left him because she was afraid for her children and herself.   He didn’t respond well and threatened all kinds of dire circumstances which seemed like more a temper tantrum than a real struggle until last night.

Last night he laid down on his couch, gun on his chest and called a friend to tell them where he was and what he was doing.

Today he’s in 24 hour observation at the local psych ward.   Praise the Lord he’s safe.   He’s got friends who love him who are gathering around him even now but he is just not in a place where he’s willing to listen to anyone.

Please pray for him.   His children.  His wife. His extended family as they all struggle to know the right way to respond.  Pray for peace for all of them that the Lord would bring His perfect plan into play.


  • Pablo


  • Birdie and I will pray.