May 28, 2008

This last weekend we went to go see an Indiana Jones movie.

And that’s exactly what we saw. I mean, really!

Anyone expecting better is deluded as to how good the first 15? really were!

It was swashbuckly, cob-webby, history revisionist mumbo jumbo with a bull-whip and a loud, opinionated scary woman. Who knew Cate had it in her? From Galadriel to ze villian, evil chenius, de Rusky secret agent… Definitely a stretch for the lovely Cate.

Oh, and Harrison Ford? Dude, years of Calista haven’t been good to you at ALL!


I do believe, in my attempt to be pithy that I left out a major bit of information!

I have absolutely adored Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford anything like, FOREVER! And this movie was like sitting down with an old friend and hearing a new story! What it wasn’t was “Oscar worthy”, “CGI amazing” or unprecedented.

But, I was ok with that, because I went to go see an Indiana Jones movie and that’s EXACTLY what I got!

  • funnyfunnygalssis

    I have never been a huge fan of Indiana Jones, but I have always been a huge fan of Harrison Ford.

    I just watched AirForce One on Saturday night late night at the movies on Bravo, and Harrison is the only man I know who can stand on the open tailgate of a plane at 15,000 feet, get in a wrestling match with an armed man, and not only un arm the man, win the match, and push the opponent out into thin air, but also manage to stay in the plane and stand hugging and kissing his lucky wife, while the tailgate remains open 15 feet away and doesn’t suck either of them out into their free fall to death!

    He is my movie Hero!!!

  • AJW308

    I’m a fan of both Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford. I want to see the movie in a theater.

    I hate Letterman for being a liberal snipe, but I find myself watching him more often than not. A few nights ago, Harrison was on. He was witty. He came across as a sharp guy with hobbies and a personality.

    He’s one of the few actors that makes me believe it. He was a galactic pirate caught between a revolution and an evil empire, he was president of the US, he was a mis-convicted felon on the run, he was a hot rodder in the 50’s.

    I’ll render my opinion on the movie after I see it, but I do have higher expectations for it than most.

  • I saw it too, and my experience was pretty much as you described.
    All in all, a good popcorn movie.