Five Minute Friday


November 11, 2012

Well, Five Minute Friday came and went while I cleaned house and got ready for a house full of folks last night.  I pondered the topic, “Quiet“, while the children argued, the dog barked, and the laundry piled up.  As we wrangled life and took one step after the other I had an epiphany.

So, here are my thoughts on QUIET.

Quiet is more than a space devoid of noise, distraction, or squirrels.  It is not a mentality achieved by copious meditation and an excessive use of incense.   Quiet; an elusive condition of the heart.   It is magnified by peace and demonstrated through thoughtful, intentional living.   Quiet is a space inside your soul where the resonating questions about relationships, life, meaning, and purpose are allowed freedom to bounce off one another until clarity emerges.  Or doesn’t.

Quiet exists within those who don’t need the constant rumble of entertainment and acknowledgement.

It is elusive when pursued but always waits in the wings.

Quiet.  More than Shhhh….  More like Aaahhhh….