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March 21, 2009

I have a deep thought and it apparently scares the hell out of everyone.   Whadya think I’m gonna do, huh?  CRY all over you?


I can hear Bane laughing at me for feeling the need to explain myself.   If you haven’t had a chance to go over and read up on what Mrs. Bane has said and how they are all doing.  Go. Do it.  Then get on your knees and pray for all of them.  The elder 3, Mrs. Bane and Nat & Johnny.

All it costs you is some compassion and some time.    It could change their world.  Prayer does that.


We are heading into Spring Break. 9 beautiful and glorious days without the guilt specter of school peering over my shoulder.  The boys just got their report cards and they are excelling.  As I thought they would be.  Still it’s nice to have someone on the outside recognize how wonderful they are.  Y’know.

So, today I apparently speak Klingon and everything I say is antagonistic.   I am trying really hard but honestly…  There’s a bit of me that wants to go out to Walmart and pick a fight with the mean lady in the pudding aisle.  I hear she’s not very nice.   Actually… It’s an Ed Hardy skeleton sweatshirt, straight hair, dark red lipstick and lots of eyeliner kind of day.   The kind where I really want someone to push me.

Just cuz I want to push back.

Ok, I hear you… I’ll go drink some chamomile tea.


Well that was soooo 7 hours ago…

Instead I bought a coconut cream pie from that bastion of cheap pie goodness, Shari’s.   The brain-donor on the phone… Seriously.. Me. “I’d like to order a coconut cream pie. I’ll be there in 20 minutes to pick it.”  I needed to finish my show.    Dude on the phone:  “Sure…….(long silence)……..So…..What kind of pie did you want?”   “Coconut cream.”  “Oh!  Ok.  And your name is?”   *fumbles with pen, spells it wrong and then acts like I’m THE MORON!*  Fortunately I did not in fact have to converse with said employee of pie house.

It is entirely possible that he is only a drone, cloned for the task of answering phones, giving directions and informing anyone who didn’t know that Shari’s is, indeed, a 24 hour establishment.   I however think he had just been huffing the whipped cream canisters and was too stoned.   But what do I know?

Ate pie.   Gagged.   Texture of mealworms in pus.  Still ate the whole piece.  Darn you, my traditional Mid-west upbringing, for teaching me to clean my plate.  Darn you to heck!!!!

But the coffee was good.   Read some more in my new book.   Discussed the fundamental flaw in a religion based on Aristotolean philosophy and the dis-service a professional ministerial class v. laity has done to the fabric of the Body.   ie. Created a caste system in the Body that puts too much pressure on the few and removes responsibility from the many.   Had that conversation with the 11 and 9 year olds.

You’ll love this one…   So.  We are talking about the validity of  paying ministers of the Gospel to do what we have ALL been called to do and my 11 year spouts this gem:   “So…. Paying someone to share the gospel with other people is kinda like paying me to clean my room, right?  Isn’t being Light something we should all be doing anyway?”

He’s 11.   I giggled.    Anti-establishment.    At 11.   I love my kids.

Then I watched NCIS, BONES and painted my nails eggplant and my toenails brilliant red.  Started to watch a B Sci-fi movie.   B might be generous…. L?

It got too scary and I shut it off.   Yay for me.

Now it’s off to listen to some Coast to Coast (it is 1:18 in the A.M.) and hear Ian Punnit (sp?) talk through his nose about everything.

I do have a bee in my bonnet though.  A socio-political one.   Kinda like the kind I use to have when I blogged and no one read.  Well, ‘cept Dif and Cowboy and Bane….  And Billy D.   Miss them all.   Apparently I got tame and Flippin’ boring and they don’t talk to me any more.  I’d beg but, well,  begging’s for folks who need the publicity and I kinda like having the place to myself.

Bees.  Bonnets.

Read this article…   See if it doesn’t get you buzzing too.    I’m livid.  Disgusted, ill….  And considering a move to Texas.   Or South Dakota.  Or The Island…

Grrrrr….  I don’t think my kids will look good  in Young Pioneer neck scarves and they definitely will NOT be allowed to carry their own signed and embellished copies of the Communist Manifesto.

More on that later.

Catch ya’ll later.

  • mmmm…. mealworms. Yummy! Never had their pies but I used to love Shari’s. We don’t have one here anymore tho.

    I know of the “Ed Hardy skeleton sweatshirt, straight hair, dark red lipstick and lots of eyeliner kind of day.” tho I think I haven’t ever dealt with it that way. Lipstick just tends to make us guys look effeminate and it just doesn’t go with the scowl that is on my face. The messed up thing is that tho I am looking for trouble on those days its when trouble steers clear of me. I think its the please-f*ck-with-me look on my face that does it.

    Oh, and don’t worry about neck scarves. The Commies always had the sharpest outfits. Or at least they do until their actions kill the economy and they are forced to use scraps from old quilts to make the uniforms themselves.

  • Yes, my friend, lipstick on men isn’t quite the look men should go for. Well… not without a really good reason for it being there. 😉

    Isn’t it crazy how trouble avoids us when we want it? I suppose it’s just G-d’s goodness to not give us what we want sometimes.

    In 1992, back in the 20th century, I went to Moscow in January. Yay…. The uniforms looked like they were made out of ca. 1942 army wool blankets. You weren’t kidding. And the craftsmanship.

    Total a la Castro on a budget.


  • Mmmmmm… after reading this yeasterday I dreamt I was eating grapes and then noticed lil white worms through out the handful of grapes, tasted/felt them wriggling around in my mouth, all to find the little buggers crawling all over me!

    Worms are my kryptonite! Ewwwwww!

    I blame you. I forgive you. Things are cool 🙂

    Well, back to my third book thus far, this weekend. Man, I love a quiet weekend more than… YOU GUESSED IT! Okay, probably not MORE, but it does compare 😉

    Peace girly girl!