Selah – סלה

April 26, 2008

Thats my word for the day. סלה and it means “to lift up, to exalt” and is a musical term indicating a pause in the singing while the music continues.

My old Amplified Bible used to say “selah – stop and think about it”. I like that.

May your day be filled with many moments to lift up and exalt the One who gives us life and breath. And when life seems to be going on whether you are ready or not, when the “music” keeps playing and you need a moment. Stop singing and rest.

Selah. סלה

  • My understanding of Hebrew, which is not all that big, indicates that it means, “Meditate on this.” Of course, that terminology meant something different in those days. Not “stick a crystal to your head”

    I actually try to do that while reading. Stop, meditate, sap it for all its worth, move on to the next, and at the end, start again!