Happy Thoughts

Seriously Thankful…

November 26, 2011
  • For horse liniment.  It’s menthol content is high enough to work as a chest hot poultice which is intense enough to break up the congestion in my chest… Hopefully preventing this self-induced exhausted self from getting walking pnuemonia.
  • For homeopathic remedies that don’t turn me into an ogre.
  • For Kleenex…  Are you sensing a theme?
  • For a break in the month of December
  • For a new opportunity and the wisdom to know what to let go of so i can hold onto the best
  • For a very old friend of the family who went to be with Jesus today, surrounded by family.
  • For leftovers today
  • For technology that allows me to connect with new and old friends.
  • For a little dog who snuggles and a big dog who “guards” me all day long.
  • And for all the things on my board on my wall…
  • Love to you friend.

  • …horse liniment…never knew.

    Love the “Thanks” board!

    …the new opportunity…would love to hear!