Faith & Encouragement


November 4, 2011

This thing, to be sharpened, is an element sadly lacking in most relationships.

It is unfortunate how many times we run, trembling, from the moments when we ought to have embraced our differences, learned something, gained a foreign perspective that amplifies our own understanding. Sharpens our faith. Better defines our walk.

My precious friend with the beautiful blue eyes and blinding smile emailed today to apologize for talking over me. She is sensitive, I am not. I hadn’t even remembered her doing so. In fact, for me? I was excited to meet someone who would meet me head on and counter my opinions. That? Is fun.

I know there are a million personal and private reason why we avoid being challenged by each other. Fear. Absence of confidence about our own perspectives. Inability to articulate or deeply held passions and perspectives.

I’m not writing to this to chastise anyone but to encourage. Sometimes we are being dragged by our bootstraps where we would have given up. Sometimes we are given an opportunity to more coherently and clearly define who and what we are. Sometimes we are giving the other person in the room the same opportunity.

  • Doom

    Yeah, okay. I always did worry about commenting here. Because of your sex. Maybe less so now. I state things boldly, I just say it, I don’t leave room for rebuttal. But there it is, if you do have to grab the ring and have the strength to handle your own weight to rebut. That isn’t my issue, it is yours. In the right way, you are married after all, you are my kind of girl.

    Actually, I think the problems I am having is because the world has become so nancy that when I speak my mind and put it straight, people find it *SHOCKING*. That I would tell a doctor he is wrong, or a lawman that he is out of line, especially in Utah, is considered outrageous. I doubt if that is any less true in other places, but Utah seems to be an absolute this way, by the numbers, do what the professionals say, type of state, so much so that it is a bit scary. Anyway, this is a good thing to know.

    It’s nice communicating with a woman who isn’t a delicate flower all the damned time. Ugh. You’ve got a lucky husband. My guess is, even if he shares my sentiment, he doesn’t share it all. Some of it is just for his own… private satisfaction in life. Perhaps I shouldn’t spill the beans. Then again, I’m just a fiction. *poof*