Show me the funny…

June 2, 2009

Ok, so the dog apparently sat on a price tag.  Which means that his, ahem, boys are worth $2.99 at Goodwill…  I will not take on the task of removing previously aforementioned pricetag from his family jewels.   Pebble 2, however, in his own goofy way suggested we cover the price tag with a Dora sticker.   Since we have no Dora Dora Dora stickers, I’m confused as to why he would suggest that.

What’s interesting is that in the event we did go that route?

Our Scooby would be “A-DORA-BALL”.

Would be… Would have?   Anyhow, you get the picture.  We larfed and larfed.   The Mr. rolled his eyes.  But he laughed a little too, when he thought no one was looking.

  • Dear me, after your groaner on Facebook, I then trip over this.. LOL!

  • What can I say? It’s a gift.

  • Which reminds me…

    What’s the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?

    Beer nuts are $2.00 a pound and deer nuts are under a buck.

    I crack me up!

  • Pablo

    Me, I thought it was hilarious!
    Guess I have the same warped sense of humor as you do…

  • Pablo, you’re just one of the cool kids. 🙂

  • And Dif, that joke was so bad my husband asked me if I made it up. Seriously.