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So Disillusioned

June 11, 2008

I thought I could trust and after all, this is a Majik Negro we are talking about, a veritable Mocha Messiah!   He made a promise.  To HIS WIFE.  And he couldn’t keep it.   He promised to stop smoking.

*wailing/gnashing of teeth/pounding of chest*

And now it’s done.  He’s admitted. Out Loud.   He has smoked again.   We are headed for Tobacco Gate.  I can feel it.   We’ll be redefining what it really means to “inhale”.    Children all over the country will be lighting up because it’s not really smoking if you don’t own the pack yourself.   All those precious pink lungs comprimised.   We’ll be passing out nicotine free cigarettes in the skool clinics and parents the nation over will be wringing their hands.  I mean if a Presidential Hopeful such as the indefatigable B.H. Obama can smoke and STILL become the last best hope for the debauched Left  what hope do we have to convince Johnny and Susie it’s not OK?


Unless…. (light dawns slowly)… Unless this is merely a ploy to get the white redneck vote he’d been missing out on!

Yes!  He didn’t really smoke, this is just one of those politician ploys to expand his support base! He wants the Montana and Wyoming vote.   Three cheers!  He’s brilliant.   He has singlehandedly reinvented himself to be palatable to us, the grass roots.

As the Magic Marlboro Messiah!

  • I’m sure he didn’t inhale. 😉

  • I had not thought about that angle, yet. Though I can say it will not be successful. As well, he really does risk… well, that isn’t true. Even if the left decided Bomber was repulsive, ugly, foolish, slick (like Willy), and a cretin (which many of them actually do, so goes the way of the children of chaos), they will still vote for him. He risks nothing by the stunt. Though, I think he gains nothing.

    You know, I keep hearing women say the guy is handsome, sexy, or such. With ears that make President Bush’s ears seem normal, buck teeth on par with Jimmy “the arab” Carter, some weird blue/black lips, a funky gum line that looks really evil, plus being skinny like Mick Jagger, I could not understand the grotesqueness I was hearing, and by white women no less. Then I realized, these are the same women who think having a baby is bad, who think Mick Jagger is “hot”, and who force themselves to not eat (or throw up or have increased bowel movements) to look pretty (apparently until they are in their graves?), waisting the very reason for their beauty. (Oh, I know, there are some who really get snagged, I am still angry at one who I knew who died… another story) There is no accounting for taste, I think I am saying, but more so when it comes to those within the culture of death.

    On the bright side, he is more prone to cancer. Flick one for the boy.

  • Anonymous

    Ya sure it’s only cigarettes he smokes?

    After all I believe it wasn’t too long ago another one of America’s finest *smoked*…



  • Morris


    Heidi, that’s comedy gold..

  • Doom… Mr. Obama doesn’t provoke me to an obasm of girlish giggles at the very mention of his name. I don’t find him attractive. He’s more than a little bit scarecrowish for my taste. That and being a Hussein.


    WW. I’m SURE he smokes/snorts/inhales or injects something. Why else would any self-respecting male be willing to be the puppet of so many. And have you SEEN his wife in action? It’s like looking at Hillary. As a woman.

  • That and being a Hussein

    That’s just his muslim name, I think. Having taken it voluntarily, I think is more telling than if it was a family name passed to him.

    It’s like looking at Hillary. As a woman.

    That is a accurate and funny way to put it. She scares me the way I see her move. Her body language rings my threat warning antennas.

    Also, I tried logging in to PebbleChaser last night from home and was banned. I’m assuming that it was because of an unrecognized IP address. If so, I thank you for the continued privilege of sharing your blog with me. If not, please ignore this paragraph.