So, do ya feel lucky?

July 26, 2010

Ever have one of those days?

Y’know, where the phrase “So, do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya?”  would apply to the way you approach… Everyone?

Where you really wish that someone who had behaved badly toward you would wander, unsuspectingly, into your personal space.

Where the dog walks around with an expression of perpetual “sorry” even though he hasn’t done anything wrong?

Yep.  Having one.


My oldest son, with a bright yellow garbage bag over his head, slits cut for eyes and mouth, just mentioned that he “comes in peace.”

Maybe I should just chill.

A smidge?

  • Joelle

    Heh heh. Me thinks this is a day I’m grateful I live so far away from you. 😀

  • Morris

    I’m even better off, Joelle – lucky to be on the other side of the world.. 🙂

    Heidi, hope things look a little better soon.

  • wendy

    your son is awesome…did you laugh?

  • My last three days thankyouverymuch. I have to be careful when I get this way, lest I start a rumble with a stranger over nothing.

  • I really relate right now. The constant sickness is making me a bit (bunch) grumpy. Fortunately, the kids are fairly safe since I’m afraid to get too far from the bathroom. 0_0

  • Serena

    Having one of those kind of days today. I wish we were still in the mountains instead of in the reality of life!

  • Doom

    I love my grumpy moods… somewhere deep inside. Sometimes I like people’s efforts to help me out of it, sometimes I would rather enjoy my misery. Good luck with that, Spooky.