Station Identification

June 25, 2008

Summer is here.   Life is upon me with camping trips, out of town guests, work, work and more work, bills to pay,  picnics to have,  churches to find…

I am so busy I can’t see straight!

But, have patience!  I will be back.  I’m having some thoughts as to whether I am a moth or a cockroach…

  • momma dragon

    hey, either way – you are a glaser and we need to see you at the reunion!! I don’t get paid vacation either, so that is no excuse and anyway why can’t you bring the lap top? I am sure Denver has some great places to go antique shopping, too. do I hear business trip?

    besides………Ryleigh is making her Glaser fam debut

    just missen’ ya and we live too far apart for comfort.

    call me sometime…

  • Hey, I can take something off your list. We make lists and the idea is filled with good intentions. But God often changes our lists. Just when I get something done, something reappears on the list. I can put ten things on the list in the morning and by afternoon I’ve added five more. I notice when I create a list, often times I start adding stupid things onto the list. You know, things I have to do anyway. All of the sudden in addition to mowing the lawn I write something like open the door.(I’m kidding) But it truly is that stupid. So, Heidi I looked over your list and found something you don’t need.
    Find a church. How can you find what you already are? We are the church. A building won’t change that. Now, you can keep “Find a Church” on your list if it makes you feel better, but God sees your heart and He knows that you are who you are and “Finding” a building where you think you belong, really doesn’t matter.
    Have fun camping. Enjoy your friends and family who come to visit and just “BE” the church.
    Wow, summer just got so much easier.

  • Rick,

    I don’t need a building. But finding a group of like minded individuals to fellowship with, be held accountable by and serve?

    I still think that’s something worth looking for.

    And besides…. Why do I need a building? Do I look ready for an institution?

    Wait… Don’t answer that…

    Momma Dragon… I know. I know. I know. But…. bills to pay… I wish it were easier. Just believe me when I say we are currently living moment to moment.

    I miss you. And I’ll call.

  • My wife and I have looked for three years for that “Group”. We have found that it doesn’t exist. Instead we have certain people in our lives who keep us accountable but we don’t meet with them on a regular basis. Oh, it’s not that we haven’t tried it’s just that it never seems to work out. Schedules, life, work, campaigns.
    We got soooooo tired of trying to replace the church experience that we finally took it to God and believe that He didn’t want us to replace it but instead allow Him to give us those things in His way, not mans.
    Like minded individuals will come and go in our lives. At least this is what we’ve found. Just when we thought we had that group, God wouldn’t allow it to continue.
    Please don’t take this like I’m disagreeing with you. The only reason I write these things to you is I remember being there. When you are ripped from what was to what is, the journey is very difficult. God is a god who does things His way, not ours. What works for my family, may not work for yours. If I had all the answers…..well that’s not going to happen so why even say that. (smile) Hang on, instead of looking for a like minded group, hang on to God’s robe and allow Him to put you, or not put you where He wants.

  • Not offended in the least! I appreciate your input. Since you have been there/done that/bought the t-shirt. 🙂

    My paradigm has been blown to smithereens and where I am struggling is boiled down to this:

    Am I too scared to commit to a group? Even should I find it? What do I do with a burgeoning sense of cynicism toward all things “organized”? Am I overcompensating for a sense of loss by trying to replace what I have lost? ie. Rebound fellowship…

    I am willing to follow wherever the Lord leads, that’s a given in my life. However… He’s awfully quiet right now…

    I suppose that means I should just be still…

  • I’m going to a cabin on a lake in NW Montana. The water is so clear, you can see giant crayfish walking on the bottom where it’s 30′ deep (I argued that depth and my BIL and wife said “dive down and see if you can touch the bottom” I tried and couldn’t).

    I think I’ll be a frog. I expect the same of my son.

    As for being a glaser, I always pictured you as ball ammo, or maybe a hollowpoint. You never struck me as one to go to pieces.

  • hee hee. That’s good AJ! 🙂 I don’t often go to pieces, but when I do it can be disasterous! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’d go with the latter, it contains a “fun” word…

    Remember to breath deeply, appreciate fully and enjoy!

    WW 😉

  • Heidi, If He’s quiet, be quiet too. He’ll let you know. Don’t get in a hurry. I think we (Rick and Kathy) hurried into things, trying to get back on program, and skinned our knee’s. If I were to go back I’d simply “Be still and know that He is God”. And when He’s quiet, we just rest in Him.

    Don’t worry about the “Fear of Commitment”. If that’s what it is, God will show you. I think you simply need time to see more clearly from what you’ve known, to find the things that are to come in the future.
    Hang on.

  • We understand. You’ll be missed and we will be looking forward to having you back. In the meantime, we’ll be praying for you.

  • Morris

    Man, do I EVER identify with you guys. Hi, Rick. Long time no ‘see’. :;

    I’ve tried to find a group to fellowship with here, but it’s just not happening. They all seem to be into one heresy or another. I think I’m at the point where Rick is – I’ll let God take care of who I should fellowship with. I’ll still look, but I’m not going to worry about finding an organised group any more. As I’ve said before, I’m fortunate that the Lord has led me to dear brothers and sisters who are ALSO dear friends – and they don’t let me get away with much at all, damn it! 🙂

    I just got so sick of organised religion or ‘churchianity’ as I call it. It’s all quite meaningless without a personal relationship with Him.

  • Morris, I just wrote a blog tonight about Labels. You should come to rickdancer.com and see what you think.

    God’s church is wonderful. The club we’ve created in America is not.