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August 26, 2010

So, the first time my Mr. took me out I took a friend.  Long story.  That friend was the Lovely Miss. Laurel.
Miss Laurel stayed in Salem when I left to marry my Prince Charming of the Bajillion Faxes.   She met Stewart.   He was from New Zealand and he caught that beautiful redhead songbird.  He caught her good.  And now they have four lovely children, live in New Zealand and have tea with puddings and use words like “potter”  in contexts that befuddle me.

But the WHOLE point of this post?

Mr. Baird is one of those consummate creative types. An artist, a writer and a poet.  He is a musician, a painter and is fascinated with light, color and texture.  His photo blog is lovely, his poetry is thought provoking.  And there’s a little story here and there too.


This is one of my favorites.