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The Last Closet – A Reaction and A Call to Arms

It is one of the most prolific insults in the limited repertoire used by liberals and self-styled champions of the left alike. A favorite turd to throw at conservatives and, well, let’s be honest, anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda, those who disagree are… Wait for it…. Dumb. Neanderthals. Deplorable. Despicable. Almost as though […]

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The Telling Begins

Why am I telling this story?  Because I have to.  Even when my voice shakes. If we met on the street, I don’t think you would find me capable of this story. The mirror shows an overweight, very ordinary, dark haired 41 year old mom and wife. We don’t see the little girl with whispy […]

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Rebel Against The Hyper-Sexualization of Children – Preserve Dignity

As a child, in rural Montana, light years from the decadence of the 80’s, we didn’t spend much time thinking about child abuse or exploitation. We believed a certain degree of safety could be found within a slower-paced country routine. Daily rhythms of work, school, animal care, bus rides, and church life allowed us a social buffer […]

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