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A Sordid Christian Love Affair…With Controversy

… Since when did the Bride of Christ turn into such a Drama Queen? They will know us by our love-affair with telling everyone how offended we are by *Whatever it is we are most offended with at the moment. Isn’t that what the Scripture was? The DaVinci Code and Twilight and Harry Potter & […]

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What Do I Think of Calling Yourself Messianic?

She’s my friend and I love her, which is why I’m willing to take the time to write about this thing that makes my heart clinch up. I write this knowing full well I am talking directly at some folks I have history with and, sadly, some of them aren’t friendly any more but some of them? I […]

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“Abba! All things are possible for You. Take this cup away from me! Still, not what I want, but what you want.” Mark 14:36 That Abba word is thrown around in songs from any number of Christian artists and we sing it with a holy hum in our throats and a quiet assurance that we […]

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When Everyone Says No and God Says Go

 “How can you go to the Middle East right now? Don’t you feel like you’re not safe?” “Do whatever you have to do to be ok!” “Be careful where you go!” “Avoid that neighborhood, it’s better if you don’t go there.”  Radiating cracks on the Light Rail windows as we travel toward downtown.  Photo Credit: […]

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