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Velvet Ribbons

Shaky voices will often Tell Stories that are uncomfortable and many would wish to keep Silent.  That’s ok.  Grace is Awkward.  Sometimes Truth is too.  Sometimes bondage even looks like Velvet Ribbons. ___________________________ Spiritual warfare. Not the Avengers.  Not Thor.  Not crazy mind games. Not the mystical white druid against the crumpled, dried-apple face, old […]

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Awkward Grace

When obedience looks like Speaking up and Telling becomes an adventure in full disclosure, it isn’t long before the Accuser tells me Lies and I realize I am not very eager to share an experience with Awkward Grace. But, I do it anyway. ________________________ The only thing more awkward than being an early teenager is processing, as an […]

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Finding Sabbath Rest: Transforming The Desert In My Heart

“Just wait,” he said, as they drove through the rolling green of farms, vineyards, and orchards.   “In any minute it will turn back to dirt and desert. Just wait.” She leaned back into the passenger seat and watched as they rolled past mile after mile the verdant land. “When was the desert supposed to show up?” […]

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Finding Sabbath Rest: A Mother’s Heart Redeemed

“Here he comes,” she thought and took a deep, shaky breath. After years of dealing with the pain and agony of a child who couldn’t be reasoned with, reacted violently, couldn’t hear any words of love, she was determined to either find an answer or die trying. A broken mama heart pounded in her chest while […]

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Altars & Rock Piles

We were sitting in a little house church gathering in Bend, Oregon one evening a few years back and the lady in the front row kept talking about these rockpiles she’d found on some hiking trails in the nearby forest. “These rocks are intended to be code for the wiccan and occult worshippers so they […]

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