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Decisions, Decisions.

I have a decision to make. It’s not a big one. But it’s a choice laid out in front of me and I’m tired of these kinds of decisions. I’m just plain worn out with the contemplating and pondering and considering. The newness and the unknowns. I don’t want to make any decisions.I want to […]

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Wrestling With Faith In The Middle of a World Dissolving

If you could see my house right now…  On a good day there are bits of clutter here and there as we have lived in the middle of a re-sale business while homeschooling, living, and often watching Masterpiece Theater. But now?  With price tags on possessions and Post-It notes announcing “eBay”, “Craigslist”, “ Estate Sale”, […]

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Moving Gracefully Within Change

  My lips brushed against downy hair, fresh lavender wafted from soft, clean, warm bodies while little eyes squeezed shut in laughter at the sound of my voice. They were little.  I was so young. We loved together and grew together.  These happy, brilliant years of growing, learning, deepening faith, drawing us so close before […]

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