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Terminator Salivation

May 28, 2009

Terminator salivation
Will it win an Oscar?  Who gives a rip, those pansy, weak wristed “artists” don’t have a clue anymore anyway.  And if anybody gives me flack about Mr. Bale’s infamous running off of his prima donna mouth?  Don’t care.

I have no desire to have a relationship with him I just like his onscreen personas.  Dark Knight.  Loved it.   This?  Digging it.

And did I mention they blew stuff up?  A lot of stuff up?   And it was gritty and metal and, and, and….

And Ahnuld showed.  Naked, blurred in the nether regions and seriously digital.  But there.



Then I drove home under heavy gray skies with lightening flashing on the horizon and it was eerie.  Goosebumps.

But in a good way.

And, in case you are wondering?

I didn’t mispell the title.  I know EXACTLY what I am saying!

  • AJW308

    Ahnold showed? With great meloncholiness, I was assuming that the story had moved on and he’d be relegated to things political in Debtifornia. I’m glad to hear that he’s in the flic, it’s as much a tribute to the origin of the series as it is just plain old good movie making.

  • well, I’m not 100% that it was actually Him but possibly a CGI reconstruction/resurrection of him ?

    It was a really fun movie. Especially if you’ve seen the first 3 and the TV show… Like I have.

  • Pablo

    Saw the movie too. I thought it was mildly good in terms of storyline. Great special effects, and yeah, Christian Bale is absolutely convincing as John Connor. I prefer him as Batman though. Just sayin’…

  • Since I’ve seen all the movies, I’ll be seeing this one as well. Christian Bale was certainly good as Batman, so I’ll take your word he did a good John Connor. You had me at ‘things are blown up’, actually.. 🙂