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The Beat Goes On

March 14, 2012

* Politicks:   Santorum did well yesterday,  Romney gloated,  Paul didn’t play and Gingrich won’t give up.   In unrelated news,  I received several emails with “chilling” letters from Lou Pritchett.  Snopes?  Don’t care enough to bother.   For all the frightened conservatives out there right now?  Where were you when you were feeling so good about having a “black man” in the Oval Office?  The Mr. likes to listen to Glenn Beck.  He’s too emotional for me and his incessant crying makes my eyes go squinchy.  When he’s not crying?  I like his humor.  He’s funny.

*Weather:  It’s snowing.  Which isn’t a big deal in March, in the High Desert, but since we had 65+ weather when I felt like crap I think it’s a bit irritating to have snow and blowing and cold and obnoxious when I’m feeling better.  Because the weather is all about me.  Always. And I keep hearing about how “Spring is just GORGEOUS!” in other parts of the country.  Which prompts crabbiness.

*Social Networking:  Starting to feel like Jr High…  Annoying.  I know, I’m slow on the uptake, y’all figured that out a while ago.   Bite me.   I think the stress toll of attempting to be interesting, humorous and yet, somehow, not sarcastically inappropriate is a far heavier burden than I can manage.   Besides, George Takei has the funniest pictures.

*Spiritual Issues:  Been listening to Joel Richardson lately.  Really, really, really like this guy.  Makes quite an interesting argument for the “great harlot”,  the “beast”, as well as the Anti-Christ,  being  deeply rooted in Islam. Ok, I’m being told that is highly over-simplified.  Go to his site.  Joel’s Trumpet.   His book, The Islamic AntiChrist, is a fascinating insight into eschatology and a radical departure from common thought and mainstream Protestant teaching. Also, an interesting person, Jonathon Cahn, author of , “The Harbinger” . Not just the topic but as a result of interesting interviews by Mr. Cahn, this book has made itself onto my Kindle List. Interested in where America stands and is headed?  Educate yourself.

*Technology:  My husband had an iPad.  Then he got the iPad 2, which meant I inherited the iPad.  Now I get an iPad 2.  Three guesses why…

*Occupy: Still no more than a large group of unwashed drones manipulated by higher and much more well-funded handlers.   Camps are turning into government protected homeless camps.  Under the guise of free speech, murder, assault and mayhem have become “rights”.  And the ability to back your position with a reasonable, rational argument is, apparently, a lost art. It has been replaced by slinging feces and hurling poorly constructed insults.  Followed closely by Molotov Cocktails.

*Occupation: Looking at the possibility of an expanded range of responsibility.  Includes a 4 day ‘training’ somewhere.  LA or Seattle?  Hoping for Seattle.  I hate flying.  More correctly, the feeling of rising thousands of feet in the air and finding myself thousands of miles from my destination in mere hours?  I love.  Squished like cattle into small seats next to persons of questionable hygiene and health?  I hate.   Given that I am on my FOURTH round of antibiotics, prednisone and inhalers in yet another attempt to curb the rampant lung damage I have incurred due to my recent bout with pneumonia? Flying does not seem like so much fun…  Driving, however, while listening to a wide variety of lectures on my mobile device?  Di.Vine.

*Homeschool:  Rick Santorum was recently attacked by that leftist tool, Bill Mahrer, about homeschooling his children.   His response  was delightful.  I can’t say I’m a Santorum fan but I am definitely in favor of this comment.

“Our children will out-reason him (Maher); my 12-year-old will out-reason Bill Maher when it comes to understanding how logic works because he is completely illogical,” he said on Fox News.

“There wasn’t an interview that went by the last week where I wasn’t asked a question about Rush Limbaugh, and yet repeatedly, these folks on the left – whether it’s Maher or Letterman or you name it – they’re out there trashing everybody who stands up for Christian conservative values, anybody who dares to actually teach their children faith in their home.”  From

And that, my friends,  is how I SEE it..

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.