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The Last Closet – A Reaction and A Call to Arms

December 19, 2017

It is one of the most prolific insults in the limited repertoire used by liberals and self-styled champions of the left alike. A favorite turd to throw at conservatives and, well, let’s be honest, anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda, those who disagree are… Wait for it….





Almost as though there exists a concerted desire to emphatically declare that anyone who disagrees with their specific worldview must do so because they simply lack education.  And those who don’t agree, being uneducated and ignorant,  merit no consideration or value whatsoever.

Destroy the messenger.  Destroy the message.

Banking on the hope that no one will question the status quo or challenge The Narrative of the great and noble intellectual reveals the clear drive and imperative that no one ever sees the murky, dank, infected filth of their most precious ideals.

No one can be allowed to expose the slimy underbelly of entitlement and academia. Pederasty, pedophilia, sexual addiction coupled with horrific, violent abuse and neglect. Perpetrated by parents toward their children. By an elite cadre of intellectuals and academics, bent on a permissiveness toward sexuality, casually helping themselves to the innocence of children until drunk with their own lies and mortally addicted to their insatiable lusts.

Exposing this world is what Moira has done in vivid imagery and at great cost to herself in her new book, The Last Closet – The Dark Side of Avalon. It is a horrific read. Brutal and raw. Written raggedly and determinedly as she mines her life with intensity and integrity in an effort to bring light into some very, very dark places.

Imagine my surprise when those bastions of women’s rights, those veritable White Knights committed to defending the weak and powerless, showed their hypocrisy by closing ranks and attacking Moira. The victim.

A child. A young girl. A woman.

What part of the stated party lines did she cross?  She should be sacred.  She was one of them.

Why?  Well, she told her story and by so doing, told theirs. Succinctly. Factually. Often using quotes from court documents and their own words. Utilizing testimony of other victims and speaking for those who have died.

For those sins, Moira Greyland has been ostracized and attacked all over again.

By those who scream tolerance and demand we bake them cakes.

Read this book because it is hard. Buy this book because she should not be penalized but applauded for providing proof of the fact that highly visible, widely successful feminists and proponents of the gay agenda were exposed as liars and perverts.

I can’t recommend everyone reads this. It is not intended to titillate. You may not be prepared for the inundation of compassion and empathy. For the sheer weight of pain.

Don’t read this if you are looking for entertainment value. Read this because you understand you must be aware of the hidden wolves who want your babies for themselves and who will stop at nothing to gain access to them. Or don’t read it. It’s not for the faint of heart.

But, if you do read it?  Do so because Moira has stood too long on her own. And it’s about damn time we closed ranks ourselves and stood up with her.

  • I feel like it would be good to read, for the reasons you stated. But my mind is very impressionable when I read stories of child abuse (I had to unsubscribe from a certain news website on facebook because they kept featuring these kinds of stories)… I’m worried that reading graphic details about this kind of thing would end up giving me nightmares.

  • tomb lair

    Very well written and heart-felt. Needs to be read widely.