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The New B Word

March 13, 2014

catI recently read an article about a Portland, Oregon man and his family, trapped in a bedroom, who called 911 because they had a 22-pound cat gone wild just outside the door.  I linked to it on Facebook and said:

 “I weep for humanity when men call 911 because they cannot wage war against a cat.”

Of course, I’m sure there were extenuating circumstances which lead them to that desperate phone call.  At least I hope that is the case, because, seriously.

A cat.

Who are we anymore?

And then, a few days ago, I happened upon new trend to “ban the word ‘bossy’” and how it relates to feminists.

Because… Why?

So, we can’t stand up to small felines or exercise the freedom to use basic, non-gender specific, non-racially motivated verbiage because… someone on the Internet said so?   

C’mon folks, where is your sense of personal identity?  Where is your freedom of speech?

I mean, if someone is telling me what I can and cannot say, that kinda defines “Bossy”, doesn’t it?

When I was a kid, in rural Montana, we called the milk cow Bossy but Webster says bossy means, “fond of giving people orders; domineering”. So, who am I to disagree with Webster, especially when I hear women, with the most shrill and ugly of voices, demanding I refrain from referring to them using the most precise verbiage I can politely utilize to describe their behavior?

bossy cow edit

I weep for women who demand to be seen as strong, independent individuals while still screaming like toddlers over words they believe are “mean”.

I weep for people so frightened of speaking the truth they will accept a revisionist definition that encroaches on the very things they think.

I weep for us.  The wuss-ified, easily frightened, mass of us.

I am fond of strong, well-spoken individuals regardless of their plumbing.  I don’t mind receiving direction from anyone.  With one caveat: Provided the loudest voices aren’t arbitrarily throwing around their weight ‘cuz they just want to be the boss of someone.   As though being the boss, and a bossy one at that, somehow justifies rudeness, indiscretion, and a lack of merit.

I wouldn’t want to hire solely based on culture, gender, level of melanin production, or economic status.  I want to hire the most qualified human being for the job and the right fit for my company, my event, or my latest committee appointment.

This call for the banning of an adjective is ridiculous, first-world-problem insanity and, by gaining traction from news sources instead of shining light on REAL issues women face across the country and the globe, undermines the very thing that feminists believe they are fighting for, equal opportunities, acceptance, acknowledgement of value.

Why don’t these ridiculous people use their sizeable clout and voices to bring light to real issues like the “child brides” of Islam, not just in Yemen, but also in our so-called civilized Western world where UK Imams state they are willing to perform underage weddings.   In case you wondered, by “underage” we are talking 9 year olds to men 2-3 times their age.

childish boots

What about the murder of 33 people in North Korea simply for their affiliation with a South Korean missionary?



Female infanticide in China or female genital mutilation in Egypt…

marrakesh edit.jpg

Women, we are missing the point.

While our sisters are being beaten and abused in sex-trafficking across the globe, while our little sisters are cutting and starving themselves to develop an unrealistic ideal of beauty, while our big sisters have fought to find equal footing in a global marketplace, you look like spoiled idiots arguing over a word.

Get a grip.

If bringing attention to issues that matter are less worthy than a social norm that wasn’t an issue until you decided to spend millions on creating a tempest in a teacup?

You are too self-absorbed to matter.

Call me bossy all you want.

And now that’s over with, can we talk about stuff that matters?