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The Next Revolution Starts At Home – A Men of The West article

April 27, 2017
I have been given the opportunity to write at the blog, Men of The West, which is run by some of my longtime blogging and internet friends.  Comprised of a large group of men, and a few of ladies like myself,  all from very diverse backgrounds.  We write with a focus on reminding ourselves and our readers  of the foundations of western culture and the threats against it.  We want to stir you and ourselves to stand up against apathy, social de-evolution, and the encroaching cultural ideologies opposed to our foundations.  

The Next Revolution Starts At Home

Two hundred forty-two years ago, Edmund Burke spoke to Parliament, the governing body of the British Empire. The issue was the brewing discontent across the sea. They needed to tread carefully when dealing with the restless and rustling American colonies. Sabers were rattling.

In 1766, a prominent American politician, most likely Franklin, had warned Burke of the danger of continued infringement upon the Americans. The colonists were unwilling to tolerate the existing status quo any longer.

It was 1775 at the time of his famous speech, and nine years had not improved the situation. The colonies were now more than unwilling. They were awake, armed, and angry.

Something must be done. But, what? The redcoats were ready but so was the colonial militia.

After careful examination of the situation, Burke reached his conclusion. There existed, in the colonies of the Americas, “a fierce spirit of liberty” which stemmed, in large part, from the personal and impassioned pursuit of education engulfing even the most common people. Common men, immigrants and farmers, those who lived outside the aristocracy and ruling class, had become leaders and statesman.

In no other part of the Empire were people so devoted to the course of their own enfranchisement.   No others had become so prosperous or so bold. No other colony was this aware and conversant in the laws and philosophies of the land to which they were supposed to be submitted.

Why? What was different about the American colonists that could not be found in India, for example?

These colonists educated themselves, formed their own tribunals and legislation, and painstakingly built their own societies. In nearly every home were Blackstone’s Commentaries (an 18th century treatise on common law) where they were studied and discussed. The subjects indulged in self-reliance, without any intention of asking permission from the government, and it rattled the mighty Empire to her core.

Together with faith, an indomitable nation was rising out of the mish-mash of social, political, and economic refugees, and even across the Atlantic a middle-aged politician could see it.

“The education of the Americans is also on the same unalterable bottom with their religion. You cannot persuade them to burn their books of curious science; to banish their lawyers from their courts of laws; or to quench the lights of their assemblies…”1

These overlooked colonists were building a nation that would eventually rival any other dynasty in its power, prosperity, and influence. Burke stood on the very cusp of the American Revolution, overlooking the landscape.

And he flinched.

Yet, the question remains: in contrast with the colonists, who have we become?

To read the rest?   Head on over and find out! 

  • Jim Christian

    “Yet, the question remains: in contrast with the colonists, who have we become?”

    Indeed. Dig your thoughts, but you are too few, too far apart. That’s the world, that’s who we have become. Ah well, no one asked me what I thought when they were tearing it all down. For fifty years, they’ve been telling me I’m the enemy, a racist, a sexist. And damned near regretful the time I spent in the service of the U.S. defending them. Idiot I was. They weren’t worth defending..

    • You really should read the whole article. As well as Men of The West, if you haven’t found it yet. A great group of men who write well and thoughtfully about current events and how to live within our American dream as it has spiraled.