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The Power of No

December 4, 2011

Three months ago I noticed an irritating rattle in the back of my throat when I would lie down before going to bed. Within a month the rattle intensified.

I was too busy to be bothered. I kept going. And going and going…

A month ago I began to find it difficult to catch my breath.

Fast forward to today. I am struggling walking to the sink from the couch, I am refusing most phone calls because it is difficult to talk on the phone (not enough hot air, apparently).

Tomorrow I start the second round of antibiotics. Heavier dose. 4 times a day.

Acute bronchitis. On the way to pneumonia. I have not been this sick at any other point of my life.

So I am given the opportunity to “sharpen my focus” and say more no.

And I’m in love with it!!! 🙂 I have said no to the Friday coop, the Wednesday bible study and the job opportunity. I am now able to say YES to the Friday night bible study, co-led by my Mr and the Tuesday evening “Introduction to Hebrew Studies” facilitated by my husband and his friend.

I am able to say YES to play dates and coffee with friends. To estate sales with my husband and nights that end at 9:30 instead of 12:30.

The power of NO is the power to say YES to those things that matter. Too much busy robs us of so much.

I get to take the next few weeks and recuperate from too many poor choices and hopefully head toward a more reasonable and thoughtful new year.

When will I learn…

  • The lesson in this is a good one. Feel better soon!

  • Pablo

    Funny how something negative like an illness can lead to something good, like more time with hubby. As for “when will I learn”, I keep asking that of myself and I’m already 46! Take good care of yourself and yours. Cheers.

  • Joelle

    I love your positive attitude! 🙂 Praying you get feeling better soon, so you can enjoy those “yeses” even more.

  • Serena

    Mullein is a good herb for the lungs and so is lobelia. I am still recovering from bronchitis myself. We got hit with an awful respiratory virus (flu?) a few weeks ago. If you are on antibiotics be sure to be taking the probiotics, especially kefir and fermented veggies as they are the best sources of the good bacteria killed by the antibiotics. Drink lots of water. Guifenesin (mucous relief, tussin, mucinex) is a good expectorant to loosen the mucous so it can be coughed out. I pray that you recover soon. I sure know what you are going through. I cannot sleep unless I’m in the recliner as it is easier to breathe and I don’t have the wheeze when I’m almost sitting. I cannot sleep when I wheeze.

  • Heidi,
    I’ll second Serena’s endorsement of kefir. I make it at home myself, but I’m pleased to see how available it has become recently at health food outlets. I drink it exclusively in lieu of milk now, because it is easier on my digestive system than unfermented milk. But more importantly, it restores beneficial probiotics that are wiped out during an antibiotic regimen.

    Saying no. I guess I’m pretty good at that. It is my own monomania that I need to check from time to time, in order to smell the roses along the way. I get so deeply engrossed in one or more of my endless projects, that I sometimes need to make myself say “yes” to someone else’s request to go and do something different.

  • Doom

    Kefir, the kind I could only find at co-ops in the past, is available even at Walmart now. I don’t drink it as often as I used to. But if you seriously want to find it, it is truly everywhere now. And the good brands, not the… odd brands.

    I am finally trying to say “yes” while you are finally getting to say “no”. How funny is that? Then again, I am still not saying “yes” to half of what you are. :p Watch your health, without it you have no choice. I went through four months of not being able to breath well, even sitting still. Don’t let that get you, don’t let it get permanent. That was the scariest thing I have ever faced. God be with you in this.

  • I wonder why it is that so many hate hearing or saying “no” anyway? My inner child still pouts over it even when I KNOW it’s for my own good.

  • AJW308

    Been a while. I’ve been busy and the blogosphere has taken a back seat to other things.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family (and to all your readers)!!!