I don’t understand

June 25, 2009



Struggling to comprehend the harvest of

today, when

the images flickering

are the thoughts of a child

sifting to find Truth

in the whispers of adults

and half-truths of

politeness and social




The face stays the same,

the body keeps on living

while the mind is dulled

by pharmacopea required

for acceptable life.


the voices.



By a reality too great

for the delicate pathos of a

beautiful mind.



So we watch through the

years.  Hoping for glimpses of

G-d in a life

we once knew as brilliant.

Now splintered.

Fragments familiar,

A stranger still.

My dear,dear friend,I cried when I got your postcard. Over the years I have remembered that year of Mondays in your living room, peach tea, prayer and insight that has been a beacon and a boundary for Brian and I.  Then we moved into a different place and time just got away from me.   What a gift to have you back in my life again!  I was sad to read that John is no longer with us but rejoicing in all of the new avenues the Lord has opened to show His love and faithfulness through you.

What I wouldn’t give for three hours, a comfy couch, and you so we could catch up.  My boys are now 9 and 11, Brian and I are enjoying being married almost 15 years and the Lord is opening doors for us to share with a young couple some of the wisdom we gleaned from you and John all those years ago.

Our heart has always been for Israel, and someday we hope to move there and share the love of Jesus with those over there.  We have, in the last 10 years, through studying our
family history found that both of us have Jews in our family trees.  I guess that explains our constant heart for Israel! 🙂

Blessings to you!  I look forward to keeping in touch with you.


PS.  My new address is:  61098 Parrell Road, Bend OR 97702
My phone is:  541-617-5718 and my email is

  • beautiful. really, really makes me want to know the inspiration…

  • AJW308

    Me neither.

  • My oldest brother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I was 11. Since then they’ve added bipolar & manic….

    Does that explain a little?

  • yeah- even more beautiful now 🙂

  • momma dragon

    I miss him so much
    the way he used to be
    and the way he is
    still sometimes.

    we were close
    and sometimes still are
    but it’s not the same
    the way it was…….

    it breaks my heart
    if I think about it too much
    my brother,
    my friend,
    gone away

    so precious,
    so sweet,
    yet changed
    bless his heart
    and soul and mind.

  • Oh Roxi… I know.