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Things I’m Not Good At

June 26, 2009

Yes.  This list could go on for some time.

1.  I’m not good at remembering to call back.   I hate talking on the phone.   Except to a couple of folks…  Even then…  I have days/weeks…

2.  I’m not good at making omelettes.   We scramble in our house.

3.  I’m not good at saying no to things.   In fact, I may be clinically addicted to saying “yes”.   Many times in a row.

4.  I’m not good at sitting by while people I care about struggle.  I am strongly compelled to Do Something.   I just rarely know what.  Which causes a spiral of frustration.

5.  I’m really not good at large gatherings of strangers or people I haven’t seen in a long time.   I max out easily.  Even if I had a good time.

6.  I’m not good at games.   They bore me, I get distracted and I lose.

7.  I’m not good at keeping in close contact with people.  It’s never personal.  Ok, rarely personal.   I just figure if we have issues, we’d be talking.  If we aren’t?  It’s just time.  This is something like #1.  Sensing a theme.

8.  I’m not good at recognizing the line between too much teasing and being obnoxious.   This does, in turn, make me very good at apologizing.   See, silver lining…

9.  I’m not very good at receiving positive personal statements or comments from people.   It seems as though they just always being nice.   I don’t really like nice.  I like real.  And sometimes real gets messy.

I don’t mind messy.

Doesn’t the Word say to confess our faults?

There.  Now you know some of mine.

  • wendy

    Love it, girl. I’ll leave it at that for positive personal statements:) Omelettes are overrated.