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Thirsty? Hold On, It’s Gonna Rain

October 25, 2014


dirt groundThe hiking trail in Mevasaret Zion, Jerusalem, Israel Photo credit: Isaac Stone,

Thirsty land.

The kind with crevices and cracks, empty creek beds and dust flurries flying by without the weight of moisture to keep topsoil in place while fields, once fertile and heavy with the harvest, now erode down to bedrock.

Thirsty land.

Where the first rains are never enough and only after flash floods have ripped through gullies and washed out roads does the soft earth begin to yield again the tenderest green shoots of a new beginning.

dirt morning The hiking trail in Mevasaret Zion, Jerusalem, Israel Photo credit: Isaac Stone,

Thirsty land.

Where, covered in the fine silt of yesterday’s disappointments, disheartened farmers and skinny cows doggedly search for springs and speculate at clouds the size of a man’s hand.

It is a thirsty land that cannot tell the difference between sweet rain and oily dishwater thrown through the screen door onto wilted flowers beside a cracked, concrete porch step.

misty rainAlong Jaffa Street Jerusalem, Israel Photo credit: Isaac Stone,

We have become Thirsty Land in the wake of the promise of a plentiful rain that never fell.  They try to make us take in the fake nourishment of a prosperity doctrine preached by flashy preachers in $5,000 suits with their Barbie doll wives practicing and selling a celebrity gospel that mocks us and says your faith isn’t big enough.  They say you aren’t enough if your car isn’t new, your house isn’t better than the neighbor’s, and your check isn’t written to them.   These are the modern day false prophets who don’t find value in how you scrap and fight for an inch of progress with the child who defies you. Painted on faced parcel out judgment, crying failure on your marriage struggling and stinky with frustration while  you weep in the deepness of a dark night or don’t shine bold and strong through a broken heart.

Hey, I know this kind of hard.  I get it.

But, don’t lose heart.  This is the thirsty land where God has given promise to His people and to those who call upon His name!

green rainyNear City Hall, Jerusalem. Photo Credit: Isaac Stone,

His water. His Spirit, is coming to be poured out into every cracked place, fragmented soul, and infertile place you’ve been watching.  The unfairness and consequence of  life blows away in crippling windstorms eating away at all the places you once hoped to find a harvest.

But that’s not the end of the story!

He will see your descendants bathed in His Spirit, your offspring blessed.

Vibrant. Alive. Nurtured.

No longer we will be a thirsty land but live as a brilliant and flourishing testimony to His provision in spite of the desert of truth in which we live.

Hold on, anxious friend, hold on.

It’s gonna rain.

 rainy day


Pisgat Ze’ev, Jerusalem, Israel Photo credit: Isaac Stone,

Isaiah 44:3

For I will pour water on the thirsty land
and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour my Spirit on your descendants,
my blessing on your offspring.

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