This is so not OK

October 10, 2007

It’s 5:42 A.FREAKING.M and I’ve been up and “vibrant” for two hours. yes, you read that right. Two unbelievable, wasted, ridiculous hours.

Vibrant. That’s a joke. I convinced myself I would be better off “working” in our office than just laying there listening to my husband breathe.

Work… A solid hour of Spider solitaire, all the local Craigslist classifieds with a sneak peak at “missed connections” for giggles. All the local paper yard sale classifieds and a meander around a local hippie church’s website.

Yeah, I’m so much more productive here that I would be counting sheep, llamas or the vast number of tossings & turnings in my bed.

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

OH, and the other motivation to cast reason to the wind and wander about our house in the dark. I had at least 3 brilliant post ideas. One on Spiritual Community which was very exciting and has now faded into the Dickensonian porridge which is my brain. Yes, Dickensonian is a real world. At 5:47 AM I am completely and rabidly willing to defend almost anything.

The other two are conspicuously absent from my memory at the moment which leads me to believe they were probably not as amazing as they seemed at 3:47. AM.

Well, I’m off to actually do some of that work I thought of. Perhaps that will help redeem the time and give an excuse for the nap I will desperately need around 11:30.


It’s now 11:05AM… I have filed 5 months worth of invoices and bills, brought our business and personal accounts from August 12th to October 1, wiped a nauseating amount of dust from my desk, more conveniently situated the location of the USB mega-port thing-y, my IPAQ and the pencil sharpener. Then I reorganized the shelves next to my desk and I have created sub-category files for accounts which have required them for several months and finished a Hanukkah invitation and the graphic design on a brochure/booklet for our congregation.

I balanced our checking acounts. All three. Created shipping lists and problem solved a billing issue with FedEx. I discovered the location of the missing kitchen timer and cleaned my monitor with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol… Ok, that last line was a lie. It was Windex and a paper towel.

All without coffee.

Who says insomnia can’t work for you?

I think I am going to go pass out now…