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So, what did you do this weekend?

April 14, 2008

Don’t you hate it when you have the opportunity to sleep in and you are too excited about your day to ACTUALLY sleep in?

That was me on Saturday morning… In bed at 2am and PING my eyelids fly open at 7:30. The sun was shining, the forecast was for the high 70’s and I had a slew of SUPER FUN THINGS to do!

The oldest boy and I headed out to the stable at 11am, saddled Lucy & Pepe and went out on trails. Apparently the boy is being a bit over-confident and had his reins too loose. He promptly fell off when Pepe hit a slow rolling lope. Gotta love helmets. Fortunately the sage brush and log broke his fall… He’s fine!

We got back to the barn, Lucy is being a type-y hot-blooded Arab and couldn’t stand still to save her life. We trotted in circles and cantered in the outdoor arena and tried to resolve some of her ridiculousity. I know that’s not a word. Deal.

Around 1ish, the Mr. and one of my friends showed up with daughter and sons in tow so we could do Pony Rides. I threw the youngest boy (of mine) up on Lucy and she quietly and carefully walked away. Standing still, keeping her head up and looking like an angel. She loves kids. I think she’s just a FREAK with me…

All the kids got to ride, we took pictures, hosed off Lucy and put the ponies away with kisses and carrots. Then my friend headed off home with all the kids while I changed out of ridin’ gear and into comfy clothes for our 40 minute drive to the next lovely event of my day.

We end up in the next town over, relaxing and slowly roasting to death on the back porch. Good conversation, the dogs were bonkers, the kids made a mud-pit which, I’m certain was supposed to be a garden. And the ladies headed into the kitchen to throw some dinner together. I am in heaven. Riding, outdoors, good friends and great food. Side note: Mike’s Hard Pomegranate Lemonade is positively smurfy.

Then we ate dinner. A dinner most blog-worthy. Truly! Ribeye, cabernet, roasted asperagus, twice-baked potatoes, cornucopia salad (to die for) and apple crisp with homemade ice cream for dessert. It was a meal I was SO hungry for and so sad when I was too full to eat anymore.

We waddled in, put the kids down, thought briefly of a movie, watched Deadliest Catch instead and tried to hold our eyelids open. I failed. I’m sure I drooled on the couch… I felt like I had a scratchy throat, but thought, oh well…

At 3am, I realized I am having a full-on allergy attack. Ragweed, juniper, dirt, pollen, ARGH! Now I’m miserable. Too much dust, too much blooming everything. Didn’t go back to sleep until 7am. Up at 8.

Then yesterday we went to a Calvary Chapel in Redmond for the memorial service of my great-aunt Kay Davenport. What a lovely lady she was, with such a loving church family and such a sweet legacy of faith and dedication. I was so blessed by the outpouring of love that the folks there shared with us. Pastor DeChristopher spoke out of Hebrews “Finishing Well”. Really nice and very sincere. A sweet time of worship and even more fellowship. Even among strangers. Isn’t God good?

I ordered the DVD of the service and when I give it to my mom I will hold most-favored-child status for a brief period. I am so excited. Eventually it will pass to the next sibling… But, I’ll enjoy the moment in all it’s glory!

We headed back to Bend, picked up burritos and sat at a park with some more awesome friends enjoying the fellowship, the laughter and the sunshine.

I got home at 2:00, slept for 1/2 an hour and went to work. At precisely 4:00pm, with two hours left in my shift, my Claritin died. Gone. Finis. And I thought I was going to die. Allergy hell. Somehow, I made it through, crawled home and sat in the living room for about 1/2 an hour before I could even move.

After a shower and into jammies, I went to bed at 9:00pm and didnt’ get up at 8:00am.

Apparently, too much fun will catch up with you…

  • Anonymous

    Allergies, I hear ya. My outside jog left me breathless, gasping and wondering when I aquired a 20lb weight on my chest…

    All in all your weekend brimmed to the top floor with much fun!

    Note: Remember the allergy meds 😉


  • Oh, I feel for you. Spring, I love you, BUT. Definitely not an unconditional love. Does Claritin work well for you? I never know what to take.

  • Yes, it’s a love/hate thing with Spring! Claritin only works for me if I take it BEFORE I am going to be outdoors in a lot of dust/pollen/ick. Taking it later doesn’t remotely have the same effect. Allegra is nice and Canadian Claritin-D with psuedoephedrine is lovely, marvelous and very much worth the money.

    Also, I’ve found boosting my immune system (think Emergen-C and AirBorne) helps the allergies not be so devastating.

    All in all? It can get pretty gnarly when the juniper goes bananas.