Tis the Season

November 28, 2010

For home made sweaters from Grandma.


Why do I get the feeling he thinks he’s been a bad boy?

  • Spacebunny

    I think he looks like he knows where you sleep ;^)

  • Be afraid, be very afraid…. 🙂

  • wendy

    I think he would say, “Not funny, Mom!”

  • We were dying! Should’ve seen him try to walk. All stiff and insulted. It was AWE.SOME!!!

  • Doom

    ZOMG! So cute!

    *he lies*

    At least he isn’t a poodle or something. Handsome dog, but women are scary when it comes to accessories. Could you imagine if they ran the nuke (weapon, energy, or both) programs! *ugh* :p

  • That has to be grounds for turning you in to the Humane Society.

  • It is a bit small. So, my mother, in her lovely VERY GRANDMOTHERLY charming way, has determined she must make him another. This next one will be burnt orange and some sort of variegated yarn mixed in for good measure. She might be colorblind… OR just too old to care.

    Just look at this sweater and imagine what we were subjected to during the high knitting years of 1989-1991. And we were obligated to wear them to school. No. I have no pride.

    Not anymore at least.