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Turkey Time

November 25, 2008

Ok, we are gearing up for my favoritest holiday.  Thanksgiving!  Why not the gift giving Super Stars?

Well, namely the food.  That’s generally my highest motivator.  Who doesn’t love turkey and stuffing and pie?  And mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce.  And. and. and.  Tryptophan coma?   Huh?

Well, I started prepping last night.    In the interests of full-disclosure I have not amended my menu much to reflect my wheat/gluten free diet.   There will be potato rolls and real pie crust.  There will be gluten free cornbread stuffing.   There will be gravy made with potato starch instead of flour and butter…  I will survive it.

That’s what the wine is for.

Secondly I love Thanksgiving because it is all about the people you are with and not who got the biggest, brightest and greatest gifts.   It’s about laughing around the table,  that first delectable moment when you all settle around the table, the oven is turned off and someone prays.  Or you all pray.   Or no one prays.  You are all so hungry you just wait until later to “give thanks”.

I have had memorable Thanksgivings for a variety of reasons.   Some were memorable because my whole family was together.  I can’t remember the last one but I think I was in Junior High.   Some were memorable because I wasn’t with any family at all but found love and joy with the family of a friend..  Thanks Jennifer.  Who knew Juliaetta was such a sweet place?  And a helicopter ride to boot?   That was a nice year.  And all the one’s before and after have their own memories.

No matter where I’ve been we’ve always had The Feast (to varying degrees) and I’ve always taken a moment to be thankful for whomever I’ve been with.   Even if I were alone.

This coming Thursday is not a day before Black Friday, it’s not the day to get all the Christmas decorations out, it’s not just about the food.

As my husband asked me last night as I stumbled off to bed with a punishing headache and gritty eyes, “What are you thankful for?”   While all I could muster last night was “That I made through the day and I can start fresh tomorrow.”  it was an attempt at gratitude.

I think this year the resounding thankfulness will be that we have made it through this last year.   That we can start fresh each day and that the hope of where we may be led still springs up from deep within.

Enjoy your turkey, enjoy your family, your friends, your solitude, your future.  Whichever you have, enjoy!

And be thankful!

  • We love Thanksgiving in our house as well. It becomes somewhat of a month long celebration in our household as each night we add leaves to our thankful tree. It is now overpowering a very large wall in our living room.

    It does make us actually think about what we are thankful for though.

  • heidi

    I love the thought of the thankful tree. Such a Birdie idea! I wish I had a free wall in my little cave… Maybe we’ll use the fridge?