Happy Thoughts

Two Tents

August 28, 2008

Which is the reason one should find time to get away, into nature.  With a tent, the airbed, featherbed, down comforter and coffee pot plugged into the inverter next to my bed.   Roughing it with with a dog, children, several varieties of alcoholic beverages and chocolate…

Oh… And a Bible, a journal and Ugg boots.  For those among us who are more spiritual.

Looking forward to a weekend with a few close friends and a whole passel of mostly strangers.  🙂

We’ll head out tonight… Come back Monday…

As we must…

  • Have a great time!

  • Have a wonderful time!

  • Jason

    See you there!

  • I sent a prayer, hoping it would find you and yours well and relaxed. I never feel the need to worry that God is with you, only that you know it. As with all those of true faith. Myself very much included.

    I am always amazed when I realize how great God is, to be taken for granted so seriously sometimes and yet to remain constant and loving. It is humbling, really. And safe, if I must struggle to go beyond safe for that very reason.

    Have a good week.