September 7, 2007

The month of nothing. Not the absence of stress “nothing” the calm before the storm “nothing” or the All Quiet on the Western Front “nothing”.

Elul is the month of nothingness. Void.

In the last 3 years, that has been how I’ve recognized it.

This is the time to remember before Creation when all was still and quiet and hope, dreams and visions were silent. A time before Present and Future. A time when we are unmade and the Spirit moves over the face of the deep. A time when only the Creator saw potential and was moved to speak.

This is the time before we begin. Again.

At the sound of the trumpet.

Trumpets are important in the kingdom of G-d. Symbolizing His voice, His call to war, to worship and to attention, a trumpet is both judgment and salvation. Message and messenger.

Can I wait out this time before, trusting the Creator for the time to come?

Sometimes the testing does not come in the fire and the wind and the shaking of our foundations but in the stillness, the quiet, the silence.

Can we wait in the void for the Spirit to move us, the Voice to speak life and the Light to burst forth illuminating all we are and showing the way to all we can become?

In the darkness He is at work. In the stillness He is moving.

He is greater than the Deep and more magnificent than creation.

He is I Am.

Then. When. Now.

He is.

So we can become.